Michael B. Jordan on David Yurman campaigns, style, and what’s next

A lot has been going on with Michael B. Jordan lately. Of course, there’s also a mysterious upcoming project that will reunite him with longtime collaborator Ryan Coogler. And then there’s his new beverage brand, Moss, which mixes seaweed (good for you!) with juices and other delicious, healthy goodies. On top of that, the 36-year-old actor is now the face of David Yurman, starring in a campaign focused on a new line of fine jewelry called The Vault.

It’s a busy guy, that’s what I’m saying. But he wasn’t too involved to catch up with Esquire for a quick chat about everything he’s been working on. So I got on the phone with him right away and talked about how important it is to have the right team, to dress simple while still having fun, and what we can expect from him in the coming year. Read on for some highlights from our conversation, which has been edited for length and clarity.

Michael B. Jordan David Yeoman

Tyler Mitchell

About finding the right team for the event

At this point in my life, I’m looking for brands that I strongly identify with. I saw David Yurman’s care, artistic vision, attention to detail, and the legacy he passed down to his son Evan, now president and chief creative officer. I had never really made jewelry before and it felt like this would be a cool first impression on the world and it just fit in. It’s really important to be able to work with the team and bring out the true contribution of the talent and the other artists we use to help realize that vision. Tyler Mitchell is an amazing photographer and creative genius and we are so lucky to be able to work with him. My stylist, Jason Bolden, incorporates a lot of fashion elements. With creative directors Leo Bolsey and Yeva Lali on our side, it was definitely a team effort. There’s a lot of collaborative fantasy going on in town, and I feel like it’s very honest and pure.

About work attire and daily attire

You definitely need to change things up a bit. Personally, I’m more relaxed. If I could, I would wear sweats to face everything. But with a campaign or a red carpet, I think we look at it objectively, “What does this thing need? What do we want to achieve? What image do we want to portray right now? Where am I at in my life or my movie or my life?” What position?” “Career-wise? What type of position are we in? What does the world need? What do they need more of?” All of these things, all of these elements come together in what we’re trying to present and how do we reach the most people with real way to participate in the conversation.

Michael B. Jordan David Yeoman

Tyler Mitchell

On the evolution of his style

I’m taking bigger risks now. I’m still pretty simple at heart, so I’m happy to be comfortable. But listen, I make a living wearing other people’s clothes. Every day, every project, I wear someone else’s shoes. So when I get a chance to actually put on my own clothes, sometimes it’s just naked, cold, and comfortable. But I think over the years you try to take more risks. Started not to care so much anymore. It’s good to have a little confidence when you start experimenting and finding your style. Mine is like a chameleon. I blend in somewhere but stand out at the same time.

About Ryan Coogler’s projects and other upcoming content from him

I don’t have much to say about this except that I get to work with my friend Ryan. This could be the fifth project, which is crazy. I’m really excited for people to learn more as things unfold.and Thomas Crown Affair This is another project that I’m really, really excited about. What a big part fashion plays in that – along with jewellery, cars and suits – and that thriller. I’m really excited about a heist movie with a love story at its core.

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