Michael B. Jordan talks finding health advantages

As you know, resources around the world are changing and our world is changing – our agriculture, our produce and our industries are evolving and I think we really have to pay attention to what’s in our bodies. Like you said, your mom’s been doing it; that’s a generation ago. I’m pretty sure your grandmother or your grandfather or someone taught her how to do this, or her aunts, her cousins, it’s just something that’s been passed down from generation to generation over the years, centuries.

Seaweed has spread all over. It’s important to look back at the planet and find ways to keep us healthy. As a way to bring the two worlds together, it’s simple and accessible, and it’s also really good for you. I think these outliers exist, and I want this outlier to be part of it. I feel like this is one of them.

respect. This is important. I do think a lot, especially within the black community, we have this innate knowledge, but we don’t put it in the product. Starting a business is important. But in your past entrepreneurial career, you seem to have done a lot of social welfare and charity work. If you want to shed some light on this, I’d love for you to talk about the community and philanthropic work you do through Moss.

Honestly, when you do anything with the ocean and the environment, you want to make sure you respect it and give back to it. Whatever we can do to help the global effort to clean up our oceans is extremely important. It affects many people around the world. We must take responsibility for the planet we live on. It’s really important for us to work towards meeting the global blue standard for our oceans. Our products will definitely meet this requirement. First up is Pacific Town Club and Tea Party 4 Black Girls, to which we have committed $25,000 back.

With any product or brand I work on, there’s always an element of community giving back. These brands benefit greatly from our community and culture. There has to be a real compulsion to get back into these communities, sometimes in the form of writing checks, sometimes in the form of establishing a physical presence in these communities and staying.

When the campaign is over and the advertising is done, the community still has something to rely on; they have something to go back to, they’re getting more educated, and they’re going to do their best to get more opportunities moving forward. These are things that I realized early on when I started working with brands, and as I became more successful and had more influence, I could kind of demand and demand these things.

So, of course, when the product is mine and the brand is mine, I make sure I go back and do whatever I can to replenish those waters and replenish those communities that help support the brand.

Love that. It closed really quickly. I saw you mentioned it but no one really asked you. Why are meditation and mindfulness practices so important to you?

Because everything starts in your head, everything starts with your thoughts. If you don’t have a clear mind, you can’t have clear thoughts. You can’t make a clear decision. No one wants to make the wrong decision, you know? I think meditation and starting with peace allows you to be the best version of yourself and move forward. You’re not always happy when the world throws a bunch of stuff at you, you know? There will be obstacles in your path, and sometimes you want to be able to think clearly and not be emotional.

Keep your mind clear, sit quietly, breathe and clear out all the distractions we encounter every day, from cell phones to television to music to entertainment we are constantly being fed. In order to get a clean slate and reset your brain, I think this is very important for your overall health and mental health. This is important, man.

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