Michael Jordan can’t sell his mansion because of a weird detail

The mansion belongs to Michael Jordan and has been on the market for more than a decade.

With a high level of security, privacy and high-end amenities, celebrity homes are usually easy to sell, but Jordan has struggled to find a buyer.

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Recently, he made the big decision to cut the price in half from $29 million to $14.9 million and throw in some free gifts.

It’s a millionaire’s paradise, with a private putting course, a huge home theater and an indoor basketball court used by Jumpman himself.

It comes fully equipped, but comes with a caveat, which may be why no buyers buy it.

Jordan built the property in 1995 and had it completely customized by the NBA star.

He spent $50 million, so while that does qualify as a bargain, at some level potential buyers know they’re buying a house built by someone else – for someone else.

It shows.

This is the home he lived in while making basketball history and where he rests after a long day playing Michael Jordan.

The property is listed as fully furnished, allowing buyers to live as they would have in Jordan’s heyday.

Many of the furnishings are stylish and priceless, including plush leather sofas and built-in espresso machines.

One notable piece is his “Baghdad Table,” valued at just under $40,000, which shows the outline of a street in Baghdad, Iraq.

This rare dining table, one of ten ever made, features an aluminum inlay on the top that offers a bird’s-eye view of the Iraqi city.

Then there’s his basketball gym, where Jordan and his teammates used to train, complete with locker rooms.

For some reason, the house also has a basketball-shaped infinity pool, a climate-controlled wine cellar, and an ornate door from the Playboy Mansion.

The trophy room is located in the center of the house and unfortunately does not include trophies.

While buying this home comes with a ton of furniture, there’s also a huge problem: not a single piece of furniture can fix it.

This can be tricky for anyone who wants this home but doesn’t want to embed all the Jumpman logos.

Or don’t have enough cigar collection to fill your custom humidor.

Instead of cutting back on the personal touches in the home, Jordan is offering more freebies to sweeten the deal.

He will give away his complete collection of Air Jordans to anyone who purchases the property.

Maybe this is something you can fill your trophy room shelf with.

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