Michael Jordan: Real estate deserves his legend

Entrance to Michael Jordan's Illinois mansion

The number that made Jordan famous stands out at the entrance to his Highland Park home.©Scott Olson

Custom mansion in Illinois

In 1991, at the peak of his career, Jordan purchased a 7-acre parcel of land in Highland Park, Illinois for an undisclosed amount. There he planned to build a mansion perfectly suited to his tastes. Boy did it. Four years later, the 5,200-square-meter residence boasts a tennis court, infinity pool, putting green and artificial pond, it’s complete. Located at the end of a long private road, this contemporary house is protected by a security fence and its famous number “23” is visible to all visitors. Amenities inside include a massive indoor basketball court, a cigar club, a home theater and a game room with doors from Chicago’s original Playboy Mansion. Jordan lived there for many years before selling it in 2012 for €26 million. However, despite several price reductions, he has yet to find a buyer. In 2020, after the premiere of a documentary about his career, last dance It is put on the market again, this time with a significantly lower price: 13.7 million euros. Experts believe that the difficulty of operation lies in the high degree of customization of the house… until, of course, a Jordan fan comes along who is willing to pay the price.

Utah Vacation Rentals

The NBA legend paid an undisclosed amount to purchase a large vacation home in Park City, Utah. The stone and wood mansion has an area of ​​890 square meters, a total of five bedrooms and eight bathrooms. The grandeur of the building begins at the entrance, where a walkway leads directly out of the museum and leads to double-height glass doors. The interior is equally impressive, featuring high-quality finishes such as Italian marble cladding, bamboo flooring, granite countertops, and Swiss pear wood.this suite The Master has a private balcony with views of the mountains and Glenwild Golf Club. Jordan eventually sold it for €6.8 million in 2019, but he seems to have yet to find the right buyer.

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