‘(Michael) Jordan should be ashamed’: Mad dogs launch scathing attack while ESPN favorites try to defend best friend MJ’s absence

The Chicago Bulls Ring of Honor ceremony is supposed to be a major event for the team. However, it made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Most notably, fans booed the late Jerry Krause in front of his widow. Many fans, NBA legends and analysts have since criticized the fan response. In addition, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman also did not attend the event. The absence of three of the most important players on this iconic franchise made many people uncomfortable, including Chris “Mad Dog” Russo.

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in recent times first shoot exist ESPN, Russo went crazy over the entire order. Russo said it would be easy to blame the fans for the boos, but he won’t do that. He pointed to Stephen A. Smith and revealed that he would blame “his little buddy,” referring to Jordan.

Like many fans online, Mad Dog blamed Pippen and Jordan as the reason why Krause was considered the bad guy. I noted Krause was the guy who traded Scottie on draft day and recounted some of his best moves. Russo keeps yelling at the camera!


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Mad Dog exclaimed: “He was booed in Chicago for this nonsense? Because Jordan and Pippen couldn’t stand one? He was overrated for helping build the team? Didn’t they appear in Ring of Honor?” ? That’s a disgrace. “Jordan should be ashamed of himself. “

He reiterated that Jordan and Pippen’s accusations against Krause were the reason fans booed Mrs. Krause. Stephen A. Smith patiently listened to everything and offered his ideas.

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Stephen A. Smith defends Michael Jordan

Stephen Smith said he didn’t know the reason for the five-time NBA MVP’s absence. However, he noted that he initially thought Michael Jordan didn’t want to be there because of the breakdown of his friendship with Scottie Pippen. He made it clear that the boos were wrong because Jerry Krause had died and his widow was there. He also backed up Steve Kerr’s comments about Bulls fans.

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However, he doesn’t think it was because of Jordan and Pippen, but because Krause decided to fold the team regardless of the season’s results. Smith said, “You got to Chicago, Phil Jackson left, Michael Jordan retired, because Krause said, ‘No matter what you accomplish, that’s it!’ Usually, they give you a chance to fail. He said, ‘I It doesn’t matter if you go 82-0 and win a championship. This is for all of you.”

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He claims fans haven’t given up on that since they haven’t had any success since, which they attribute to Krauss. However, Stephen A reiterated that booing is inexcusable. But Chris Russo isn’t convinced.

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