Michael Jordan teams up with Marcus to boost 33-year-old son’s 7-year career

Michael Jordan’s 33-year-old son runs a successful boutique called Trophy Room. The boutique was designed after the trophy room in MJ’s home and tried to reflect the same feeling through their range of products. Marcus is very proud of his career and his goal is to partner with Jordan Brand.

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In a recent interview on Instagram Live, the 33-year-old was asked about Trophy Room stores and his plans to expand to other cities.

Michael Jordan’s son announces new collaboration


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Marcus initially followed in his father’s footsteps and pursued a career in basketball. After playing at UCF from 2009 to 2012, his basketball career is essentially over. However, after building a career blueprint based on basketball trophies, he continued to love the game.

When asked about his plans to expand with another Trophy Room store in Miami, Marcus said the expansion is underway and we may hear an official announcement soon.

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However, he did say that this time, Trophy Room will be partnering with Jordan Brand. Marcus said, “That’s the goal. Next up, we have an exclusive collaboration with Jordan Brand that will launch soon, but I can’t reveal a specific date.”.

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During the conversation, Marcus revealed that he has been fascinated with sneaker culture and fashion from the beginning. He said, “My whole life I’ve grown up around sneakers and fashion, so for me it was an easy way into the business world. The name of my boutique is called Trophy Room and it’s inspired by what we grew up doing A trophy room at home in the process.”


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Marcus must have had a lot of trophies around him growing up, as his father was and still is the most accomplished athlete in the basketball world. For Jordan, however, it wasn’t just his trophies that were on display, but also the medals and trophies his children had won at the time in his home’s trophy room.

Marcus, 33, admits having ‘a target on his back’ because of Michael Jordan


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Marcus said, “In the house, the trophy room is centrally located, so any time people come over, everyone wants to hang out in the trophy room. So with the boutique, we tried to recreate that atmosphere.” The 33-year-old also revealed that he will be heading to Paris for Fashion Week next week with girlfriend Larsa Pippen.

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