Michael Jordan’s brand targets Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea, Puma leads race to sponsor FC Barcelona, ​​Nike suffers blow

Nike has been sponsoring the jerseys of Spanish giants FC Barcelona since 1998. They renewed their contract in 2016 and the new deal runs until 2028. Additionally, the Catalan club is reportedly making over $150 million per year after signing a new contract with Nike. However, Barcelona have been thinking that the benefits of the deal are lower than the market price for a club of their level. Therefore, they earlier considered signing a deal with New Balance. But the club has now abandoned NB. However, that doesn’t mean Nike is safe! Germany’s Puma will one day overthrow the American giant!

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As for Laia Tudel Prades, the Barca board must decide whether to switch from Nike to Puma. Puma is currently the closest company to sponsoring Barcelona’s shirts. Puma, meanwhile, are also very interested in shaking hands with the five-time Champions League winner. They are reportedly preparing an offer for the reigning La Liga champions that would be significantly higher than their $825 million contract with Manchester City. With Nike yet to improve its offer, Laporta and company could part ways with the former and follow Manchester City’s lead.

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In addition, there are rumors that if the deal goes through, Puma will pay Barcelona more than $300 million per year. Barcelona’s desire for a lucrative deal is not surprising as the club is dealing with more than $1.3 billion in debt. A potential departure from Barcelona could further hurt Nike, which is still recovering from the exit of Tiger Woods. It turns out that certain Premier League giants may also be adding to Nike’s woes. In a surprising move, long-term Nike partner Michael Jordan’s brand is reportedly at the heart of a Premier League transfer.

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According to rumors, Michael Jordan Jordan The brand may sponsor the jerseys of English giants Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur. But Jordan Brand is a subsidiary of Nike, how does that hurt them? the reason is simple. Nike signed 15-year deals with Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur in 2017 and 2018 respectively, becoming their sole sponsor of shirts. The Phil Knight Company takes the profits home without sharing them with any subsidiaries. However, if Jordan’s Jumpman replaced Nike’s Jumpman whirlwindIn Chelsea and Spurs shirt positions, that won’t be the case. Nike will have to share most of the profits with Jordan’s brand.


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Furthermore, Chelsea and Tottenham did not make the most money from the Nike deal. Liverpool earn the most from the American company. It would therefore come as no surprise if Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur look for more lucrative offers and follow PSG’s lead in donning Jumpman jerseys. This will seriously damage Nike’s brand and image.

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