Michael Jordan’s championship sneakers sell for record $8 million at auction

Basketball legend Michael Jordan won 6 NBA championships during his prolific sports career, and the 6 sneakers he wore when winning these championships sold for over $100,000 at auction, News.Az reported citing CNN. Record sale of $8 million.

The winning bid for “The Dynasty Collection” on Friday reached $8,032,800, setting a new global auction record for game-used sneakers, according to Sotheby’s.

The pack includes the Air Jordan VI (1991), Air Jordan VII (1992), Air Jordan VIII (1993), Air Jordan XI (1996), Air Jordan XII (1997) and Air Jordan XIV (1998).

“This set represents the most valuable and important collection of Air Jordan sneakers ever to come to the market,” the auction house said on its website ahead of the sale.

It’s worth noting that only one of each pair will be sold.

Before the 1991 NBA Finals, Chicago Bulls executive director of public relations Tim Halland asked Jordan to give him a pair of game-worn Air Jordan sneakers if the team won. Jordan complied with the request after the win, signing and inscribing the shoes before presenting them to Haaland, and due to superstition, Jordan continued the tradition in five other championship games, according to a Sotheby’s auction line name. Get them from Harlan.

Included in the auction is a set of signed, limited-edition photos depicting Jordan smiling after an NBA Finals victory, wearing only one sneaker.

The gap between Jordan’s first three-peat and his last three consecutive championships was due to his brief retirement from basketball in October 1993 to pursue professional baseball. Nonetheless, by March 1995, he was back in style – leading the Chicago Bulls to the most successful regular season in NBA history with 72 wins.

Jordan was a standout player who earned the nickname “Air Jordan” for his incredible jumping abilities and acrobatic moves.

The Air Jordan line has been a favorite among sneakerheads since the former Bulls star wore it during his rookie year, and the resale market for its line is brisk.

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These sneakers aren’t the first pair to sell for outrageous prices.

Last year, a pair of Jordan’s iconic black and red Air Jordan 13 shoes, which Jordan brought to the Bulls in Game 2 of his last NBA championship in 1988, sold for $2.2 million at Sotheby’s in New York. The shoes you wear when you come to victory.

In October 2021, a pair of red and white Nike Air Ships sneakers that Jordan wore during the fifth NBA game of his rookie season with the Bulls on November 1, 1984 were sold at auction for $1.47 million. The style worn.

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