Michael Jordan’s son-in-law is making his NBA debut on another continent years after his NBA career fizzled

Michael Jordan’s sons were not as skilled on the basketball court as their father. Both Marcus and Jeffrey only started playing basketball in college. However, his son-in-law still hasn’t given up on his professional basketball career, and Jasmine M. Jordan’s husband Rakeem Christmas has now found new horizons to showcase his talents. Over the years Christmas has developed his skills around the world and now he has found his niche in Uruguay.

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Journalist Federico Buysan tweeted: “🏀 Rakeem Christmas is the new foreign player selected by Bigua and he will make his debut this Thursday against Trouville. 🔙 Power forward who played for the Indiana Pacers in the 2016/17 season and Michael Jordan’s son-in-law ▶️ Via @basquetcaliente“.


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Rakeem Christmas signed with Club Biguá de Villa Biarritz, better known as “Bigua”, to play for the Uruguayan Basketball League. Christmas will make his debut against Trouville on Friday.

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In 2015, Rakim signed a multi-year contract with the Indiana Pacers. However, his time in the NBA was short-lived and he soon found himself out of the league and was waived by the team in 2017. He was the 36th overall pick in 2017. He still has a lot in the tank from the 2015 NBA Draft. So, he took his talents overseas.


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Michael Jordan’s son-in-law didn’t give up after being laid off

After retiring from the Indiana Pacers, Rakeem Christmas traveled to many places to continue his basketball career. During his time with the Pacers, Christmas frequently played in the G-League. He played 30 games in the main lineup but never got a chance to start. Since 2017, he has signed a new contract with a new team every year. He has traveled to seven different countries in the past seven years.

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From Mexico to Puerto Rico to Taiwan, Rakim has become a basketball globetrotter, but he’s still not ready to give up on his basketball dreams. Signing with Uruguay shows that Rakeem is still looking for an opportunity to showcase his talents and perhaps eventually find his way back to the NBA.

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