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Diego Otero Fontan

talk Michael Jordan Just make him one of the best players in basketball history. A career filled with success, including six NBA championship rings, five MVP awards and two Olympic medals (Los Angeles 1984 and Barcelona 1992) with the Chicago Bulls. In addition to his sporting achievements, “His Airness” is a pop culture figure and marked an era in fashion history with his brand of Jordan sneakers.

A player who exudes an aura that is different from other athletes. “God is dressed as a basketball player again” said Spanish NBA spokesperson Antoni Daimiel after Michael’s legendary “last shot” against the Utah Jazz in the 1998 Finals. Jordan is greatest sports figures at a global level.

A career based on effort and competitivenessoften excessive, There is a basic person very few people know. Michael’s father, James Jordan, is often considered the key to the Bulls’ success. However, far from reality, A rivalry in Jordan’s backyard marked Michael’s character..

“If his height were 1.90, I believe Michael would be called Larry’s brother.”

clifton herring
Larry Jordan’s former coach

Player biography by David Halberstam recounts Michael Jordan’s basketball career and the importance of his older brother, Larry Jordan. As my friends from high school and college believed, The six-time Finals MVP’s fierce competitiveness comes from his duel with Larry On the terrace of the house. He has great physical strength, athleticism and ambition, but his height (he is only 1.72m) is an insurmountable obstacle.

He is an athlete through and through.. I remember when I first met him, he was a short young man with very muscular muscles and a body better suited for football than basketball. The moment I saw him, I knew where Michael Jordan’s motivation came from.” commented Doug Collins, Jordan’s coach with the Chicago Bulls.

In itself, clifton herringcoach at Laney College in Wilmington, North Carolina, He pointed out that if there were 20 centimeters more, the story would be completely different. “Larry is very driven and a competitive athlete. If he were 5’9″ instead of 5’7″ I believe Michael would be called Larry’s brother“.

“When you watch me play, you see Larry.”

Michael Jordan

Michael constantly compares himself to his brother. Jordan’s backyard witnessed a fierce rivalry between the two brothers. Larry, who was two years older, always won, until Michael grew 12 inches taller one summer. Seize the home court throne, and later the NBA throne. Some confrontation, coupled with his feelings for his brother, motivate Michael to improve every day..

Michael loved Larry very much. And kept talking about him: I really respect him.. However, even though Michael was a much higher level athlete than Larry, he never let it affect his love for his brother. His emotional connection and respect for his brothers is very strong.. When his brother was around, he would forget about his growing fame and just act like the warm, loving younger brother,” Michael’s Chapel Hill roommate David Hart revealed.

“Just remember the name on your shoes.”

Michael Jordan

Jordan himself admitted that his brother was his inspiration. “When you watch me play, you see Larry play. I do not think soFrom a competitive perspective, I’ll be here without conflict with my brother. My determination became even stronger to be as good as my brothers, if not better. ” Michael said in “The Last Dance.”

A rivalry ends with an impromptu party on the terrace Numerous meetings took place between the two men. Established as the greatest man in the NBA, “The Spirit” defeated Larry in a final, brotherly duel. “Just remember the name on your shoes“. This sentence is Michael Jordan’s final victory.

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