Michele Chiossi exhibits a multisensory experience in Carrara

Important participation in collective exhibitions throughout Italy. He is widely represented in Carrara, where he is currently exhibiting at Votre. At the same time, a project is underway in which four sculptures and four works interact with each other in a multi-sensory experience at the Fortemaior Gallery in the heart of Forte dei Marmi.

Michel Chiossi, whose resume is steeped in New York’s art scene for a decade, charmed Pope Francis with one of his white marble crosses. His works, hearts and stone, demonstrating the eternity of the Church and the message of Christ, are now exhibited in the Vatican galleries a few meters from Michelangelo’s masterpieces.

Forte dei Marmi features four sculptural groups linked to specific songs chosen by the artist, creating a playlist for a more immersive sensory and visual experience, as well as sonic perspectives that open up a broader interpretation of the works on display. “The three sculptures “Mnemosyne”, “Lilith” and “Hecate”, says the multifaceted artist, “are masks made of polychrome marble in white, red and black and seem to return us to the theater and masks of Greek tragedy. However, a closer look reveals plastic details. instead, they return to the original iconography: the masks featured are Korean beauty masks. Thanks to the updated plastic poses, they acquire new meanings and meanings, including through their names. We recommend listening to “Yes, I’m a Witch” by Yoko Group Ono., formed by three sculptures of Babavuma, creative vertical explosions of spheres made of precious polychrome marble, similar to explosive clouds, bubbles released by a cosmic woman made of cast aluminum, which seems to rise to the sky, ready rush towards the exquisite galaxies. I’m listening to Nicki Minaj’s Va Va Voom.” “Friends” and “OK Club” are polychrome marble sculptures, carved in the sculptor’s signature zigzag pattern, and depict Snoopy in the company of his inseparable friend Woodstock. We recommend listening to Björk’s “Human Behavior”. The two sculptures “Floating World” and “Lily Nika” are ghostly compositions, zigzag still lifes created from designs laser-cut on satin steel and painted with body enamels. We recommend listening to Heaven Scent by Soulwax, Chloe Sevigny.

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