Michelle Hunziker and others: Groups of black (and white) fans at weddings

Who hasn’t seen someone break the rules of etiquette at a wedding at least once in their life? hope to tell about Michelle Hunziker: Invited with her daughter Aurora Ramazzotti to the wedding of Francesca di Stefano and Santo Versace (brothers of Gianni and Donatella), the TV presenter wore a black dress that was an exception to the rule. because yes, Sometimes black can be worn to a weddingBut it all depends on the circumstances.

Photoshoot with the bride and groom Michelle Hunziker showed off a gorgeous long black dressA peek-a-boo effect tulle drape topped with a sweetheart neckline. Dedicate romantic words to the spouse of Versace house, the caption of the post shared on Instagram ends with a post Scriptum Addressed to the keyboard lions: «PS: I wanted to inform and assure all the fashion experts who read me that, as per etiquette, for a wedding after 4.00 p.m. tightThe black dress is perfect”, Michele insisted, holding out her hands.

The etiquette is therefore accepted, but when faced with the choice of wearing black one would still be aloof (especially if superstitions associated with this color often come into play). certainly not Kim Kardashian, it’s too bad, who wore a black Rick Owens dress to her friend Paris Hilton’s wedding to entrepreneur Carter Reim in 2021. A Kardashian-Proof Option Sister’sbecause even in that november 2021 Kendall Jenner She showed up to her friend Lauren Perez’s wedding in a very sexy black monot dress and full cut-out dress.

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Kim Kardashian in black at Paris Hilton’s wedding.

Then there are those who wear black to weddings, setting themselves apart with long dresses – an easy target! — and adopting an androgynous style. in that regard, come to mind cara delevingne In a men’s suit at Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding to Jack Brooksbank in 2018.

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Cara Delevingne in black at the royal wedding 2018.

Michelle Hunziker and a spear broken in favor of those who wear black at weddings: Do we want to talk about those guys who risk flaunting the white dress and stealing the show from the bride? Rhetorical question, it must be made, and certainly not about completely white bridesmaids like Pippa Middleton at her sister Kate’s royal wedding, or, again, Cara Delevingne in the same role at her sister Poppy’s wedding. not about

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Pippa Middleton, bridesmaid in white at her sister Kate’s royal wedding.

Recent example – very questionable – relates to the model Hailey Bieber, who appeared in a white dress at the wedding of Stephanie Shepherd this June 25Kim Kardashian’s former assistant. Her look as a not-so-perfect guest split followers’ opinions, sparking a debate among comments about whether or not it was appropriate to wear white to a wedding.

Of course, the same marriage cannot disappear Kim Kardashian herself, who confirmed in her Alaïa outfit that she does indeed have a strong fondness for the color black (and for sexy clothes even in the dressiest of situations).

At the endtap to mention Dua Lipa at the wedding of French fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus With her current husband Marco Maestri. Another exception to the rule, because last August 2022 the singer wore a white dress signed (and of course approved) by the designer of the same name, accompanied by her grandmother Lilin down the aisle. That too in white!

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