Miguel Bosse and his last medical experience in Victoria: the reality

He could attend music festivals, but not TV shows. The sit-in against Pablo Motos in El Hormiguero still resonates in media gossip. ESdiario has obtained the exclusive information.

artist Miguel Boss He’s headlining this week’s Victoria Festival, where he’s showcasing his documentary Bose reborn.

A row with a reporter overshadowed his attendance at the speech. economic daily Over the past few hours, she had learned the reasons for Boss’s disdainful attitude toward the media, and especially toward a fellow journalist.

Miguel Bosé was in a very fragile state of health when he traveled to Victoria

Miguel Bosé had to be driven to Victoria in a car where festival organizers made him almost fall asleep. On his journey from Madrid to Vitoria, he traveled in a recumbent position. It cannot be placed directly. He doesn’t feel well. For a while, the organization thought it would be unable to attend press conferences and job presentations. Everything seemed to indicate that it was a case of gastroenteritis that made him “in such a mess.”

The day before had been a very difficult day emotionally.Why on the night of the Victoria Film Festival press conference, he had to suspend his attendance by Pablo Motos on Antena 3 He could attend music festivals, but not TV shows.

Miguel Bosé arrived in Victoria in a very bad mood. He doesn’t feel well. His body was severely damaged, but at the last moment he decided to take part, although his emotional state was not very suitable for celebrating this day. One of the works in which he participated most enthusiastically in the production and realization will be exhibited at the celebration out.

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