Mika, at a concert in Matera, takes a blind fan on stage to sing Stardust.

As reconstructed by Today, the voice of Grace Kelly thrilled the audience in a duet with a young blind fan.

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Mika was the protagonist of a very emotional moment. The pop star gave a concert in the city of Matera where he performed a duet with a young blind fan. The result was amazing.

Mika, an exciting duet in mater

In these hours, videos starring Mika are a big hit on TikTok. In the video, the artist performs in a duet with a girl on the stage of a concert in Matera.

According to what Today reconstructed, the public would ask Mika to sing star dust along with a girl, immediately receiving an affirmative response from Micah, who would later discover that she was a blind fan. Putting on a jacket, voice Grace Kelly and the girl would sing the notes of the song, in awe of all the spectators present.



Mika arrives in Italy with her Summer Festival world tour.

The duo was relaunched and relaunched on social media, gaining significant media coverage in a short amount of time. The song was also distributed in a duet version with Chiara Galiazzo, winning four platinum records.


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Over the years Mika has established himself as one of the most loved songwriters in the world. Talent and originality have made him one of the greatest figures in the world record scene, among his most popular songs stand out Today, Happy ending, lollipops, We are Golden, Popular song with Ariana Grande and Yo Yo.



Piano City Milan, Mika “prince” in the Sforzesco castle


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