Milan opens its first recreation and refreshment area for riders

How many times have we learned about the difficult working conditions of riders, food workers who bring home food to order. Often foreigners, exploited, without protection. I go to work for pennies in any weather. A step forward to a more dignified working life taken a few days from Milan opened a recreation area dedicated to the aforementioned riders, as we read on Milano Today.

Glovo, JustEat, Deliveroo, Getir. How many of those who wander around the city, how many we see rushing by on a bicycle with thermal bags on their shoulders, full of sushi, pizza, bottles of wine and God knows what other riches. Ready for home to home delivery.

Can we define the rider as a kind of Santa Claus? Instead of writing a letter, you order what you want online and it arrives. No deer, no white beard, no sleigh, but he still comes to us with gifts. Now, with the help of these services, you can really order everything, not just food.

How is the recreation area for riders arranged?

Rider area
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We are in Bicocca village and this is where the stop zone for riders is located. Here couriers will be able to find not only a meeting place, but also a zone where they will be. always available water microfiltered, one a charging station for electric bikes and scooters, USB speakers for recharging phones, and a stand with tools for offline management of minor repairs and maintenance.

A moment of recharging in every sense, since it is certainly a tedious job. Constantly riding bicycles (the luckiest on mopeds) up and down the streets of the city to collect orders and deliver them from house to house.

Will the project change the injustice that often hides behind this sector? Probably no. But at least it is a step towards respect for these people, who as such deserve dignity just like any other worker.

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