Milan, the young talents of Up Next Italia live in Liberty Square

Milan, September 1, 2023 – David Blank, GENEVA, Leon Faun AND ONE THOUSAND4 among the new voices of the Italian music scene selected during the year in the program More Italy Apple Music brings the amphitheater to life Apple Freedom Square (booking at with their live performances.

Editor and podcaster Filippo Ferrari will present the show’s talent, yes. they will perform live telling and sharing his own music in the intimate context of Liberty Square, where in the past live performances of great Italian and world stars such as Marco Mengoni AND Bad rabbit.

Up Next Italia is an Apple Music program that promotes artists from the new Italian music scene. For each launch, tastemakers and the editors of Apple Music Italia choose the voice they want to promote, using the platform’s power to present new music to an ever-growing audience.

Launched in July 2021, Up Next Italia on the evening of September 13th celebrates two years of activity during which it has provided a launching pad for talent that continues to climb the charts to this day with its success, such as: ANNA, Rose the Villain and Ditonellapiaga AND ALPHA, protagonist of Up Next Italia’s Talented Evening in 2022, now certified platinum with the summer single “bellissimissima” and on an already sold-out tour culminating in February at the Assago Forum.

David Blank

“I am thrilled that Apple Music has chosen me to be part of this very special evening with the talents of Up Next Italia: I can’t wait to take the stage and tell my music-driven story in close contact with the audience. Live performance is always emotional for me, and with Up Next it will be truly special: an amp that honors me and fills me with pride.”


“Among the pleasures that DIAMANTI gave me, an album that I released almost a year ago, there is certainly the fact that Apple Music chose me as the talent of Up Next Italia. I am very happy to be able to spend a special evening on September 13 in the company of other young artists. Thank you Apple Music for your support and interest in my project. I can not wait!”.

Leon Fawn

“I’m very happy to take part in the Up Next Italia event, it’s a great opportunity to tell about myself and share my music in a new guise.”


“The stairs to Liberty Square is one of the first memories I have of my move to Milan, a city that I easily fell in love with immensely. The concert is definitely my favorite aspect of music, perhaps because it is the most sincere. I am delighted to celebrate the end of the tour with a concert as part of the Apple Music Up Next Italia event in this magical and memorable venue.”

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