Miley Cyrus. Emotional fiction “Used to be young” – Video

WITH Used to be young Miley Cyrus continues the story of himself, where the singular rhymes with the universal. Her story and her dramas are similar to those of all Western women, just as her message of emancipation and the self-demand of autonomy is both common and common.

If in the past the former Disney star sang several times about how she got out of the marriage that tied her to Liam Hemsworth, about the freedom to buy flowers on her own, today she chooses a genderless topic like initiation rites, this generation par excellence: overcoming youth, or rather, the memory of youth lived through the eyes of a man who had already – in abundance – entered adulthood with all its obligations and obligations.

Also this time, the video clip and the song have a lot of autobiographical references, even the historical moment of their publication suggests a further level of interpretation. It’s been 10 years since then bangersfrom meme finished video Wrecking ball which led to the warning Sinead O’Connorand the infamous performance at that year’s VMAs with Robin Thicke. The albums and performances that propelled her into pop stardom in 2013, also thanks to the decisions made about her own body, immediately making it, like Jennifer Lopez, the cornerstone of her creative proposal as well as aesthetic. choice and sympathy for the rock direction, shrill vocals and all that.

This song is about honoring who we were, loving who we are, and celebrating who we will become. I am proud when I reflect on my past and feel optimistic when I think about the future. I am grateful to my devoted fans who make my dreams come true every day. I am sincerely grateful for your continued support. This song is for you
Miley Cyrus

In the clip, the now 30-year-old former Hannah Montana looks back on her early years as a Disney star, parties and everything in between, reliving what it takes to be a public figure who has always been in the spotlight. And the clip shows exactly that: Miley enters and exits the cone of light, her face reflecting a series of emotions – from joy to tears. Emotions are amplified and made sincere, by his own admission, by a technique: during filming, he never once took his eyes off his mother (and manager). Tish Finlay Cyrus which he could broadcast live through the monitor’s camera.

First time unreleased since Endless summer holidayswho has already paved the way in this sense, Used to be young continues the Cyrus narrative that has brought her such great success, i.e. being an extremely proven mass product adapted to the protagonist, something that stands out from the discussions of the proposed message, from the fact that the icon, image and message overwhelm the musical proposal.

The single is being produced by Sean Everett, multi-Grammy winner (Adele, Casey Musgraves, etc.) and the lesser-known (but well-connected) Michael Pollack. Once again, everything is in place, but that Disney meatloaf feel, expertly crafted for the aforementioned stated purposes, will never completely disappear.

Within this The Truman Show which gives her enviable satisfaction, Miley seems to have found the perfect script to tell about herself in an adult version. Unlike Taylor Swift, she’s the last of the show’s writers, she doesn’t really want to be, but she wants to give us the best and most intense acting/singing performance. Will it be enough to make it a classic?

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