Mineral may shorten cold and flu symptoms by three days

For many people, the arrival of a cold also means receiving small bottles of supplements at home that are said to boost immunity during the flu and colds. However, as consumer and user groups warn, vitamins, minerals and botanical supplements are not necessary for many people.

The OCU states in its October health magazine: “Healthy people who follow a varied, healthy diet do not need to pay an additional fee of around €30 per month.” Also note that some may interfere with regular medication, so this is not a piece of cake. This will be a blood test ordered by your doctor to detect possible deficiencies, and if tested, it is best to do it under the guidance of a professional.

OCU studied the effects of taking certain mineral supplements on the duration of the flu or cold. He concluded that if one of these illnesses lasted seven days, using zinc could shorten it by one to three days.

As they clarify, it has not been proven to boost defenses or improve the way our bodies function when taken. It can shorten the duration of a cold by up to three days “but does not reduce the severity of symptoms.”

Daily intakes of less than 25 mg are considered safe and can be obtained through foods of animal origin (“meat, seafood, eggs, and cheese”), legumes, and nuts.

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