Miriam Leone, Monica Bellucci and the rest of the cast present the final chapter of the trilogy in Rome.

Second day in Rome Film Festival. After the directorial debut of Paola Cortellesi, today was the day of an old friend who will return to cinema this year for the third and final time, ending an adventure that began in 2021. Actually, a preview Diabolic, who are you?, the final chapter of the trilogy dedicated to the famous comic thief born of the genius of the authors Angela and Luciana Giussani. Director come on again Manetti brothers., the film is inspired by one of the most iconic books in the series, revealing the past of a criminal and the origin of his name. When Diabolik and Inspector Ginko find themselves locked in a cell with no way out, convinced that they are in danger of death, they decide to discuss their lives. Meanwhile, rivals Eva Kant and Althea are desperately searching for their people. They come back as two women Miriam Leone AND Monica Belluccion stage at the Rome Film Festival with the actor Pier Giorgio Bellocchioand also a producer with Paolo Del Brocco and two directors.

The Manetti brothers themselves spoke about this new adventure, immediately emphasizing the differences between the third chapter and the previous parts of the film saga, told from different points of view:

We thought it would be interesting to tell about the mysterious character through different eyes. In the first film we talk about this through Eva Kant.because she wasn’t part of the couple yet, but eventually becomes a member. Then through the eyes of Ginko, his opponentbecause in the second film we don’t even know where Diabolik is. And now we come to the end of the trilogy, where everything is explained “a la Diabolik”., although he is a bit of an idiosyncratic character, so not everything is clear. But with someone like him, nothing will ever be clear.”

Central to the film is the presence of two female characters, Althea and Eva, played by Monica Bellucci and Miriam Leone, who team up both on set and on the big screen. In this regard, Miss Kant’s translator stated:

For the first time, Eve finally finds another woman. Who is free and independent like her? Because both Eva Kant and Althea actually love their men outside of marriage. We are between the 60s and 70s and it is scandalous. It didn’t exist at that time. So these are two independent, unscrupulous women with great courage who come together to overcome dualism in the name of love. This complicity then, as always, is a great vision on the part of the Giussani sisters, who imagined a better world for us women, accomplices at last and not enemies.

As for his colleague, Eva Kant’s translator added:

Even with Monica, there was a lot of complicity from the first moment. I was very excited the first day of filming with her, then I met her and realized that Monica is a great friend of women. She is a woman who supports you, who fascinates you, and so the complicity was real. We really had fun, and bringing overcoming rivalries to the stage is a very important message for us.”

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Miriam Leone’s words were followed by those of Monica Bellucci, who continued:

“It was wonderful working with Miriam, she is a wonderful woman and a great actress. Let’s say in this episode of Diabolik two women come together, albeit briefly, because even if they come from two worlds, they share a common femininity. These are emancipated women, free and sensual, who are still completely dominated by men. And perhaps the Giussani sisters created women who made us think a little about ourselves, because they were not only great artists, but also entrepreneurs, and at that time it was very rare to find such women who went beyond all the criticism.”

After he had Luca Marinelli’s face in the first film and the face Giacomo Gianniotti starting from the second, in this third chapter Diabolika also plays Lorenzo Zurzolo in the youth version. In this regard, the authors stated:

“He has a very important role – the role of the twenty-year-old Diabolik. It also brings further depth to the character as it tells the story of the travails of a lost teenager growing up in a completely abnormal situation that causes him to develop the icy coldness we see in the adult Diabolik. So the actor definitely gives another very effective reading.”

Diabolic, who are you? will arrive in cinemas November 30th.

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