Miss Marx by Suzanne Nicchiarelli on Rai 3

Miss Markson Rai 3 a biopic directed by Susanna Nicchiarelli (Nico, 1988) starring Romola Garay as Eleanor Marx, the youngest daughter of Karl Marx, a socialist and women’s rights activist.

Miss Marks – Actors and Voice Actors

Romola Garay: Eleanor Marks
Patrick Kennedy Edward Aveling
John Gordon Sinclair Friedrich Engels
Felicity Montague as Helen Demuth
Karina Fernandez Olive Schreiner
Emma CanniffLaura Marks
Philip Gröning: Karl Marx
Celestine Ryland as Johnny Longuet
Freddy DrabbleHavelock Ellis
George Arrendell Paul Lafargue
Oliver Chris Friedrich “Freddie” Demuth
Alexandra Lewis: girlfriend
Georgina SadlerGerty
Stevie RainPhillip
Miel van Hasselt: Wilhelm Liebknecht

Italian dubbers

Chiara Colizzi – Eleanor Marks
Simone D’AndreaEdward Aveling
Marco Mete – Friedrich Engels
Melina Martell as Helen Demuth
Francesca Fiorentini – Olive Schreiner
Jo Jo Rapattoni: Laura Marks
Gianni Bersanetti: Karl Marx
Lorenzo Virgil as Johnny Longue
Guido Dinaccio Havelock Ellis
Franco Mannella Paul Lafargue
Andrea Lavagnino Friedrich “Freddie” Demuth
Benedetta Ponticelli: girl
Federica Destinations: Gerty
Henry of Troy: Philip
Antonio PalumboWilhelm Liebknecht

Miss Marks – Plot and Trailer

Brilliant, cultured, free and passionate, Eleonora (Romola Garay) is the youngest daughter of Karl Marx: one of the first women to touch the topics of feminism and socialism, she participates in the workers’ struggle, fights for women’s rights and the abolition of child labor. . When she meets Edward Aveling (Patrick Kennedy) in 1883, her life changes forever: passionate love, but a tragic fate seizes her.

Movie Trivia

  • The film was entered into competition at the 77th Venice Film Festival, where it won three awards: the FEDIC Award, the Soundtrack Stars Award for Cherry Cat Against the Big Chill, and the La Film d’Oro Award for Best Stage Seamstress by Paula Segetti.
  • The film won 3 David di Donatello Awards (“Best Producer”, “Best Costume Designer” Massimo Cantini Parrini and “Best Composer” for “Cherry Cat Against the Big Chill” and “Downtown Boys”) and a special ribbon of the year (Best Film) and soundtrack).
  • The second biopic of actress and director Susanna Nicchiarelli after Niko, 1988 dedicated to the last years of the life of the singer Christa Päffgen and won the Best Film award in the Horizonte section of Venice 74.
  • Technical composition: Photography by Christel Fournier / Editing by Stefano Cravero / Set Design by Alessandro Vannucci and Igor Gabriel / Costume Design by Massimo Cantini Parrini / Live Sound by Adriano Di Lorenzo / Sound Editing by Marc Bastien / Mixing by Franco Piscopo / Assistant Director Ciro Scognamiglio / Secretary Michela Bozzini / Makeup by Diego Prestopino / Hairstyles by Domingo Santoro / Casting Gail Stevens and Rebecca Farhall
  • The film was produced by Marta Donzelli and Gregorio Paonessa and co-produced by Joseph Rushop and Valerie Bournonville. Associate Producer Philippe Logi, Executive Producer Alessio Lazzareschi. Miss Marx is a film produced by Vivo with Rai Cinema and Tarantula in co-production with VOO and Be TV and supported by Eurimages; MIBACT – General Directorate of Cinema and Audiovisual; Center for Cinema and Audiovisual Arts of the Walloon Federation of Brussels; region of Lazio; Piedmont Region featuring Wallimage (La Wallonie) supported by Tax Shelter du Gouvernement Fédéral Belge – Casa Kafka Pictures supported by Belfius.

Director’s Notes

The story of Eleanor Marx, with her apparent discrepancy between the public and the private dimension, says director Susanna Nicchiarelli, opens up a gulf about the complexity of the human soul, the fragility of illusions and the toxicity of some sentimental relationships. To talk about Eleanor’s life is to talk about topics so modern that they are still revolutionary today, more than a century later. At a time when the issue of emancipation is more central than ever, the story of Eleanor outlines all the difficulties and contradictions: the contradictions, I believe, are more relevant than ever to try to “capture” some of the features of the era in which we are living”. . And speaking of participating in the Venice Film Festival, she adds: “Some of the best moments in my life as a film buff and director are associated with the film festival. At the Lido, I saw some wonderful films that changed me forever. And, of course, I don’t forget the happiness and satisfaction of the reception given to my first film, The Cosmonaut, and then later, Niko, 1988. Now the opportunity to return to Venice, participating in the competition for the first time, is… albeit against the backdrop of well-known and already familiar places, it is still new emotions. (Susanna Nicchiarelli)

Susanna Nicchiarelli – Biographical Notes

Susanna Nicchiarelli was born in Rome. Graduated in Philosophy with a doctorate from the Higher Normal School in Pisa, in 2004 she graduated from the Directing Department of the Experimental Center for Cinematography.

He started his career working with Nanni Moretti and also wrote and directed short films and documentaries. Among the shorts, he made two stop-motion animations: Sputnik 5winner of the Silver Ribbon 2010, ed. live bait (Live bait).

In 2009 he made his first feature film. Astronaut, Controcampo Award of the Venice International Film Festival, candidate for the David di Donatello Award as the best debut film. They follow dawn opening (2013), e Niko, 1988 (2017), Orizzonti Award for Best Film at the Venice Film Festival, winner of numerous international awards and 4 David di Donatello awards (including Best Original Screenplay).

After Miss Marx, Nicchiarelli made another biopic, Chiara (2022), dedicated to the religious Claire of Assisi, presented in competition at the 79th Venice Film Festival.

Eleanor Marks – Biographical Notes

Eleanor Marks was born in London on January 16, 1855, the fourth daughter of six children born to Karl and Jenny Marks in twelve years of marriage. The Marxes then lived in two overcrowded rooms on Dean Street in Soho, haunted by creditors, sickness and accidents. And yet Eleanor grew up without allowing herself to be saddened by the hardships of her environment and without the figure of a great father to reduce her to a mere subordinate role. Lively, passionate, curious about everything, Eleanor, known as Tussy, soon had a very close dialogue with her father, an unusual relationship: to the point that the “Moor”, as he was called in the family, once said about her: “Tussy is me “. Eleanor moves with premature naturalness in the world of exiles, in an internationalist environment, experiencing its dramas and endless discussions, collaborating in the activities of scientists and activists. Soon she became a friend of Engels (this second father of inexhaustible generosity, from whom only good came), Liebknecht, Kautsky. She meticulously helps her father, wants to become an actress, and having failed to do this, consoles herself with the friendship of a talented peer named George Bernard Shaw; she gradually tries her hand at translating Ibsen and Flaubert, politician, initiator of movements for the emancipation of women, author of pamphlets on women’s issues, anarchists, labor movement.

Essay “Eleanor Marx. Family Life (1855-1883) (Volume 1)” by Yvonne Kapp available on Amazon.

Miss Marks – Soundtrack

  • Original score for the film, which received awards in Venice (Soundtrack Star Award), David di Donatello Awards (Best Composer) and Nastri d’Argento (Tape of the Year for Best Film and Soundtrack), Cherry cat against the extreme cold and punk rock band Boys from downtown.
  • Second collaboration between Cherry Cat vs. Big Chill and director Susanna Nicchiarelli based on the music Niko, 1988.
  • Gatto Ciliegia Against The Great Cold is an Italian musical group founded in Turin by Fabio Perugia, Max Viale and Gianluca Della Torca in 1999.
  • The Downtown Boys are an American punk rock band formed in 2011 in Providence, Rhode Island, United States.

1. The Wave of History (The Downtown Boys) 1:57
2. Phantasmagoria (Cherry cat against the big cold) 5:03
3. Wall (The Downtown Boys) 4:03
4. Bluebell on the beach (Cherry cat against the big cold) 4:03
5. Tussy Improvised Fantasy (Cherry Cat Against the Big Chill) 3:18
6. Heroic Miss Marks (Cherry cat against the big cold) 1:32
7. L’Internationale (The Boys from the Center) 3:39
8. Utopian Sonata “Wide Movement” (Cherry Cat Against The Big Chill) 3:58
9. I’m Enough (I Want More) (The Downtown Boys) – 3:02
10. Dancing in the Dark (The Downtown Boys) 2:42

The Miss Marks soundtrack is available on Amazon.

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