Mission Impossible 8 preview, secrets and surprises of the new chapter

After success Mission Impossible 7critically acclaimed next Mission Impossible 8 it’s already in the works. Filming, which has already begun, should resume as soon as the promotional tour for the just-released cinematic sequence wraps up. Hoping the Hollywood Strike doesn’t delay the currently scheduled 2024 release date, here’s everything we know about what’s next. Mission impossible With Tom Cruise.

Mission Impossible 8 Will this be the last movie in the saga?

director Christopher McQuarrie decided to divide the last one into two Mission impossible to “give each character more space”. On July 12 last year, the following were released in theaters: Mission: Impossible – Wages of Death, Part 1, the longest chapter in the series, which is two hours and 46 minutes long. Before entering theaters and the subsequent red carpets, the crew traveled to South Africa and the Arctic last year to begin filming the next chapter: Mission: Impossible – Wages of Death, Part 2. Paused for promotion, the production promises, “Let’s finish this tour, then head back to England where we’ll start filming as soon as we get there.” Due to a pause in promotion, the producers promised: “As soon as the tour is over, we will return to England, where we will immediately begin filming.”

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If the strike of actors and writers in Hollywood does not drag on for too long, the fateful question will soon come to the fore: Mission Impossible 8 will this be the last of the entire spy series? At the moment it’s hard to say. In 2018 when Christopher McQuarrie announced a two-part sequel reckoning, fans of the film were convinced that the circle of the saga had ended. However, in a recent interview Fandango, the director hinted that these two chapters would not be the last; so we can still expect to see many more stunts from Ethan Hunt.

Cast Mission Impossible 8

To date, nothing has been officially confirmed. However, almost certainly Dead Reckoning Part 2 it has the same cast as the first film, which is a sequel. With the exception of some changes or additions, we must, of course, revise Tom Cruisebut also Hayley Atwell in the role Mercy, Wing Rhames in this from Lutheroutside Vanessa Kirby AND Simon Pegg.

About new arrivals, Christopher McQuarrie intends to serve the fans well Mission impossible. Nick Offerman, Janet McTeer, Holt McCallany, Lucy Tulugaryuk AND Hannah Waddingham they will add to the above list. A little surprise is sure to warm the hearts of fans of the saga: the iconic character will return… Rolf Saxonwhich he played William Donlo Firstly** Mission impossible** since 1996.

What will be the release date Mission: Impossible: Death Wages 2

First chapter reckoning It premiered in theaters open to the public on 12 July. The sequel is expected to hit theaters on June 26, 2024. However, it is possible that various strikes hinder the pace of production.. At the world premiere, the star of the saga, Tom Cruise, assured that only 40% of the film had been shot before the writers’ strike. With the announcement of the Hollywood actors’ strike, the calendar could change even more.

While waiting for Tom Cruise’s next stunts and adventures, all that’s left to do is to keep an eye on the twists and turns of the latest Mission: Impossible currently in cinemas.


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