“Mission Impossible”, Hayley Atwell proud of her bruises on stage: “Those are battle scars.”

Hayley Atwell is proud of the bruises she earned while filming Mission: Impossible 7, which she calls her battle scars.

Hayley Atwell she’s no stranger to action movies. He has already shown his character in Marvel projects, playing Peggy Carterbut in Mission Impossible – Death Wages Part One he got bruise after bruise with his head held high. Proud of how she took bad shots on set, Hayley Atwell spoke about how she dealt with action scenes and how she remembers those bruises today as “battle scars” that need to be jealously guarded. Back to the movies, this time together Tom Cruise, Hayley Atwell also captivated audiences with the successful Mission: Impossible franchise, which split Chapter 7 into two parts. The first is already available in theaters, and the second will appear only in 2024.

‘Mission Impossible’ Hayley Atwell recalls bruising on stage as ‘battle scars’.

While Tom Cruise reprises his role Ethan Hunt, Hayley Atwell first met audiences in Mission: Impossible, playing the nimble Grace. Preparing for filming, the actress spent the first five months in the company of stunt coordinator Wade Eastwood and his wife, Sam, a fitness instructor. Together they started training course, providing an exercise program to be ready for filming. The actress spoke about that period of training electronic warfareshortly before the actors’ strike began, about his bruises:

I would have very few bruises on the left and right, but I would be proud of it. I will have proof of my battle scars.

Not only physical training, but also change of power for an actress. Hayley Atwell spoke about how the experience helped her embrace a new lifestyle, striving to sugar free diet.

It has changed my body in terms of energy, mental clarity, and the natural products I get from an incredibly healthy lifestyle and understanding of nutrition, rest, recovery, injury, prevention, and mobility. The first time I tried sugar again, the next day I had such a hangover from sugar, I felt terrible.

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