Mobile Tips | How to Prevent People from Eavesdropping on Your Cell Phone Calls

There are more and more frequent listen through our mobile phones. Currently, privacy protection on these devices is an issue that many users must consider when purchasing, updating mobile systems, or downloading applications.every time heskill improved As I get older, data storage, Therefore, it is crucial that we have mobile Updated and allowed latest.

Disable permissions

One of the things we have to do is prevent people from listening to us mobile conversation It is to disable the permissions of some applications that we often install. Our terminal.

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When these apps are installed multiple times, they ask us to give permission to track our location to be able to access our photos and even our microphone or camera. When a downloaded application asks us, we must grant it the permissions we deem appropriate.

Update software

Updating mobile operating systems is another measure we must take to prevent them from snooping on our conversations.this Software update They are very important to increase security when we browse the internet through mobile phones, but in addition to that, it is also crucial because it maintains newer equipment This reduces our chances phone conversation It can be listened to by third parties without our consent.

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Turn off speech recognition

Speech recognition is another step we must take to prevent people from listening to our conversations on their phones. If we activate the voice recognition function, the phone can continuously search for voice commands.

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