Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon movie, actors, cast, ending, where it was filmed

A girl with telekinetic powers is exploited by a stripper. The end will be amazing.

Sky Cinema One offers a movie called Mona Lisa and blood moon. This is a thriller with a dramatic atmosphere.

Production belongs USA. Year of implementation – 2021, duration – one hour 46 minutes.

Cast of Mona Lisa and Blood Moon

Mona Lisa and the film “Blood Moon” – director, main characters, where it is filmed

Director Ana Lily Amirpour. Main characters Bonnie Hunt AND Mona “Lisa” Lee interpreted accordingly Keith Hudson AND jung jong so. Also in the cast Craig Robinson in the role Agent Harold.

Filming took place in Americaespecially Residents of New Orleans and adjacent areas in the territory Louisiana.

Production 141 Entertainment in collaboration with Grisby Productions, Le AND wipe studio.

The film is known all over the world by the same name.

Mona Lisa and the film

Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon – the plot of the film broadcast on Sky Cinema Uno

Mona Lisa Lee she is a patient in a psychiatric hospital near Residents of New Orleans. After enduring the mistreatment in silence, she uses her telepathic power to escape, injuring several operators who stand in her way. While aimlessly wandering the streets at night, he encounters several strangers, some of them hostile or threatening. Her strange behavior signals to her the attention of a police officer, a constable. Haroldwho is trying to arrest her. She uses her power to make him shoot himself in the knee.

Next, save the woman (Bonnie Belle) in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. Bonnie Bellesingle mother stripper, friends Mona Lisa and takes her home. Mona affection for a young son Bonnie, Charlie.

Bonnie use force Mona Lisa rob a man at an ATM and extort unwitting tips from the regulars of the nightclub where he dances. Actions Mona Lisa they bring her to the attention of the agent Haroldwho continues to investigate. When he is confronted by two women, the actions Bonnie They do it Mona Lisa realizes that she is being exploited and ends the friendship. Left alone Bonnie she is attacked and severely beaten by a group of men she had previously conned.

final spoiler

Mona Lisa decides to leave the city and offers to spend Charlie with him. Charlie accept. When two are almost arrested by an agent Harold to the airport, Charlie create a diversion to let Mona Lisa Run away.

The final film of Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon

Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon: The Complete Cast

Below is the cast of the film Mona Lisa and blood moon and the corresponding characters played by the actors

  • Keith HudsonStory by: Bonnie Hunt
  • jung jong soStory by: Mona “Lisa” Lee
  • Craig Robinson: Agent Harold
  • Ed Skrein: fluff
  • Evan WittenStory by: Charles “Charlie” Hunt
  • Lauren Bowles: Nurse
  • Seren Lee: Miss Pong
  • Corey Roberts: Snack
  • Kyler whores: Rick
  • Michael Carollo: Randy
  • Anthony Reynolds: Agent Martin
  • Jennifer Waugh: Irene
  • Altonio Jackson: Ray
  • Donna Duplantier: Miss Maurice
  • Rosha Washington: Registrar

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