Monica Bellucci and Tim Burton are in love in Rome

Two whole days, between the hotel, where Tim Burton he stayed and the house that Monica Bellucci owns in Parioli. Rimsky was in every way a love escape for the couple.

Love that resists distance

Monica Bellucci admitted that she is in love. After surprising photographers last February, the actress gave an interview confirming the relationship. “I can say that there are many of them. happy meet L‘man“First of all,” she said. She then defined it as “one of those encounters that rarely happens in life.” She fell in love with this man, Monica, and now meets the director. “It will be an adventure, I love Tim,” he concluded. Galeotto was for both of them Lumiere Festival which was staged in Lyon in October 2022. The actress, who was present as a guest of honor, presented the Lumière Award for Excellence to a particularly touched Tim Burton. From that moment on, an increasingly intense relationship began. A relationship that could withstand the thousands of kilometers separating their homes (and their lives).

Old love of Monica and Tim

Monica Bellucci and Tim Burton met in Cannes in 2006, but didn’t deepen their knowledge until last October. The actress was previously married to Vincent Cassel (PHOTO), father of her two daughters Deva and Leonie. Subsequently he attended Nicolas Lefebvreartist and set designer, whom she contacted in 2019. Tim Burton instead he was married to N for thirteen years Helena Bonham Cartermother of his children Billy (20) and Nell (16).


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Tim Burton and Monica Bellucci together in Paris, cover photo

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