Monica Bellucci divorced two years ago and comments on how she is recovering from breakups

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Monica Bellucci, here is a soufflé from the 59th bougie se-samedi, this is a mariata from two reprises in life. Two love stories that have never been completed. Vojci noted that the star is recovering from ruptures.

Monica Bellucci divorced two years ago and comments on how she survived the breakup Dailymotion

Suite after commercial

Monica Bellucci celebrated her 59th birthday here on September 30, 2023, together with the two men in her life: the Argentine photographer Claudio Basso, who made his debut in 1990, and Vincent Cassel, the father of her two daughters, Virgo (19 years old) and Leonie (13 years old) ). If this is the first marriage for up to two years, they are in union with the actor La Haine during September. In the pages of Paris Match in November 2018, the beautiful brunette pays a beautiful tribute: “I thank my two mothers for what I brought and learned from life, unconsciously and in different ways.”

Aucune rancoeur, donc: “When it’s brûlée, the only way to taste it is pardonnaire.“As much as you see marriage, you answer: “There are choices that two people must decide together, at any point in their lives. When you are married to two people, you should take time to think before making recommendations, including what you did and whether to get a divorce. “

This is one of the most touching

Monica Bellucci enters into a relationship with her ex, Marius. Gardant du moins un certain respect for eux. Aujourd’hui, elle a bel et bien Tourné la Page. She is the same couple that has worked with the famous American director Tim Burton on several occasions. “This is one of the most touching.” trust Madame Figaro this week. The two stars seem like an ensemble, even if they don’t live the same life every day.

Indeed, Monica Bellucci lives between France and Italy, although Tim Burton lives in London. The distance here seems to work on the actress twice: “On se retrouve quand on peut, mais beaucoup.” Pour Rappel, a sublime Italian evening bentote (September 2024) in the style of Tim Burton’s long meter. Suite de la Suite Beetle juicemovie born in 1988 with Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder on the poster. Two stars that you will equally find in this suite.

Suite after commercial

Suite after commercial

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