Monica Bellucci: “Maria Callas and I have the same Mediterranean soul”

AGI – “I knew the great diva, but not Callas. When I read her memoirs, I could not resist. It was like contact with her soul. I entered into this project with such humility.” Monica Bellucci, the day after the presentation of “Diabolik, Who Are You?”, today at the Rome Film Festival he is presenting Tom Wolf’s documentary “Maria: Letters and Memoirs”, which chronicles three and a half years of touring around the world under Wolf’s direction. herself, in which she reads the letters and interprets Maria Callas.

“There is a moment in the play and in the documentary in which Callas is quoted as saying: ‘I’m like a little bird that sings when it’s happy, when it’s sad it goes to its nest and dies,'” the actress says during a closed meeting. with the press – this is the duality of Callas, a woman who had a sincere, simple heart, which made her die. Because she died of love”he adds.

Why play Maria Callas? Monica Bellucci explains it this way: “As a woman, I can’t help but admire such an eclectic woman who had the courage to live her life to the fullest while taking so many risks. In my opinion, he had a brave life, not a tragic one, as many say.”

“He wanted a divorce – he adds – when divorce did not exist in Italy. He sacrificed his youth and childhood to his work, then sacrificed everything he had for the love of Onassis. That is why it inspires many artists from Marina Abramovic to Angelina Jolie. His strength is passion and fragility.”

Then, talking in detail about why the image of Maria Callas is close to her, Monica Bellucci explains: “Perhaps we have a common Mediterranean soul,” she says, “she went to America, then to Paris, and then to Italy … She was a foreigner and wherever she went, she always felt like a foreigner. This is what we have in common.”

“I feel Italian – the actress repeats, – but, traveling a lot, I follow an atypical path: I do not belong to any family. I went to Paris and doors opened for me. Today I work with great passion and curiosity on the projects I take on, but now, having lived the lives of many characters, I would like to live my life and move away from work. I think it’s also healthy,” he concludes.

Monica Bellucci was a big star who disappeared at the Rome Film Festival: animated the red carpet bringing the spirit of ‘Hollywood’ gossip to this year’s slightly provincial festival. She appeared on the red carpet with her new partner, the great director. Tim Burton, in fact, officializing the long-known love story born on the set of Beetlejuice 2.

I’m glad I met a man – says Bellucci, speaking about Burton at a small meeting with the press, – a man with a beautiful soul. Then I also met a director whom I respect very much.”

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