Monica Bellucci’s “Practiced” Voice Captivated Five Thousand People at Dj Shopping

CITTA ‘DI CASTELLO – He “sampled” and set to music the sound of fish, the noise that roots make when they defy the earth, and even the voice of Monica Bellucci to make this show that narrates and conveys the sounds of the earth. into harmony. DJ shopping 2023 ended on Thursday with a green evening called “Earthphonia” by musician and composer Max Casacci (among others the founder of Subsonica), along with researcher and science communicator Mario Tozzi, who performed at Piazza Gabriotti. a project between sounds, images and studies. For the tifernat scene, in addition to the “correct” sounds of nature, there is also a piece of music created exclusively with the help of the vocal sounds of Monica Belucci. Thus, the organizers of “I Tifernauti” a week after Dj Ralf provided an opportunity to reflect on the problem of climate, and also invited everyone to get to the historic center by bike (last night about 5000 visitors). So the Piazza Gildoni to support the bikes (thanks to Bikeland), all the shops open and the square under the show “Earthphonia” is a center full of people. The evening also featured Legambiente with “Terramadre in comune”.

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