Mónica García offers no help during the Christmas flu crisis

The truth is that Monica Garcia failed to have Worst debut ever for a ministerial post This was part of the fee Soumare demanded from Pedro Sanchez in exchange for his support.First brand new holder of a healthy portfolio Viral infections occur later Christmas hits Spain this year. Despite a warning from the European Center for Disease Control on December 15 about the impact of respiratory pathogens, Garcia chose to go on vacation and waited for 24 days before convening a plenary meeting of the Inter-territorial Council on this “three difficulties.”. When he called, medical centers and urgent care centers were overwhelmed.

return The way the minister held the meeting was wrong. The decision to make masks compulsory must be based on scientific evidence and endorsed by technical staff.This is the procedure to follow, but Minister convenes plenary meeting of top health coordinating body without providing any evidence and without first meeting with the presentation and public health committees. Another big mistake.

Since his proposal was rejected by the majority, Garcia insistsseeking to make the use of masks compulsory in health centers based on “exceptional risks or alarms for public health” specified in Article 65 of the Cohesion Act. Are there risks or alerts?Madrid have shown him that is not the case. As is the case in other regions, influenza epidemics in this region are seasonal peaks. This was just before the pre-pandemic season, when growth in new cases slowed in the first week of January.come on what Mónica García has not yet given any reply.

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