“Montserrat allowed me to be myself”

From San Esteveses Rovers, just like Rosalia.

In a small town – 2,000 residents at the time – we knew which house we all came from. Her grandmother and her parents were from Cantobella, both from the parish, and I remember Rosalía as a little girl.

“Rosalía’s grandmother and parents were both from the parish and I remember her as a child.”

Both are sacred, yet different.

You have to believe in what you really want to do and do it.

At 45, he became a rookie. What happened before?

I was the second oldest of four brothers in a working-class family, and I was not particularly religious. Only the eldest received Holy Communion, probably due to pressure from their grandparents. But what my father instilled in us was always the values ​​of freedom, respect and responsibility.

“I admire Michael Jordan, and I also like British rock and comics.”

Rebellion, very little?

Some childish prank. After completing EGB in town, I went to Martorell’s institute and I noticed a huge change. I interact with other people. I idolized Michael Jordan, and I loved British rock music—Dire Straits, Queen—and comics. Due to family financial needs, I dropped out of school when I was in my third year at BUP and started working. I worked for 24 years at the former Canals & Nubiola (producers of cava and wine). He’s kind of a wild card.

What would you like to learn if you could?

I have always loved nature, especially mountains, and the same goes for sports. I practiced rock climbing, canyoning, and hiking. I have been to the Camino de Santiago seven times. I took my mountain guide, rope, crampons and skis back “home” (the monastery).

“I’ve done rock climbing, canyoning, hiking. I’ve done the Camino de Santiago seven times”

It is located between the walls.

I live in the mountains! I studied new plant species and compared their evolution with the 1903 herbarium we have. I can’t live in an isolated monastery…


Life on Monsterrat isn’t much different than when I’m at work. I woke up early and the security of “home” allowed me to continue asking myself questions. It allows me to be myself.

who is it?

A product of my evolution. Before entering the monastery, I had experience helping others. I’ve been to food banks, volunteered at nursing homes and the Red Cross. Mom wasn’t surprised when I came in as a newbie. “I know you’re not coming back,” he said.

“I went to the disco on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but my father’s illness shocked me”

He can do this without a lifelong “card” or giving up his property.

The steps I’m taking are a continuation of personal growth, although, of course, there was one shocking moment: my father passed away at age 52. I went to the club on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but during his illness I asked myself why, I wondered if my life was on the right track. The thought of God came up, and it may have been in His heart.

It’s also logical to simply think it’s unfair.

Just like in clerkships, doubts can hit you, but I didn’t hesitate during my clerkships. Montserrat will not set limits beyond what you commit to. It doesn’t isolate you from the world – I look at the news on the internet and we serve almost 2 million people a year. I live the monastic life not as a slave, but as a desire. Devotion just reminds me of what I am doing and what I want to do.

“The monastic life I lead is not a slave, but a desire”

This is going against the current. Careers plummeted.

Which options are better that don’t go against the grain? In this day and age, generally speaking, people shy away from commitment and listening to themselves and others.

He knew his “guild” was not in good standing.

The church is made up of people, and they have good and bad characteristics. He must lead by example and practice what he preaches. If this turns out to be the case, we’re not going well. If you preach something, do it.

Hey, what is “your” God like?

It manifests itself in everyone who climbs Montserrat. They express gratitude, express pain or simply walk.

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