Monza Grand Prix 2023 countdown. All you need to know

Monza – expected 300,000. World. The hippodrome is ready to receive residents Formula 1. Paddock, fan zone and hospitality are designed for issue number 94 Grand Prix of Italy. A team of about 3,500 people works, including control, movement, food, cleaning and safety on the track. It will start on Thursday. fan zone installed on the lawn of Roccolo, will be open to everyone. For free. Even for fans without a ticket. For lovers – through hippodrome website ( – You can download the Monza 100 app to see the exact location of the off-track car parks, 24 food outlets and 10 waters, as well as real-time information about on-track events and public entertainment initiatives. and attractions. And in order not to miss anything that happens on the asphalt belt, they will 31 big screen located throughout the circuit. In terms of public reception, the number of toilets will be increased this year: almost a thousand (966), distributed throughout the county.

The new underpasses will only be ready for next year’s Grand Prix so as not to block track viability during the Formula 1 weekend, the circuit adds. two temporary bridges on the runway. Confirmed five pedestrian entrances (Vedano, Lesmo, Mirabello, Costa Alta and Costa Bassa) two new paths were built: one at the entrance to Santa Maria alle Selva, between the swimming pool and the hippodrome campsite, along the straight road leading to Prima Variante. . The second, on the contrary, will allow you to cross from one side of the track to the other from Mirabello street to the Ascari option, in the section immediately after Serraglio. A podium that will help dilute the flow of fans pouring around the fan zone has been confirmed at Roccolo Meadow.

And for the works requested by F1 – runway repair, construction of a new underpass at the entrance to Vedano and reconstruction of the three current tunnels – “at the moment, a special commission is evaluating the application of 14 companies, by September it will select and send letters of invitation to submit proposals, by November we plan to start construction,” explains ACI President Angelo Sticky Damiani –. In April 2024, we want to complete the work for almost 22 million, which is possible thanks to the resources of the government and the region of Lombardy. But this is only the first step. We are already working and hope that the projects will be approved by the end of September to provide more coverage of the pits. area of ​​the paddock club and replace the old stands with new structures (always removable), equipped with sky boxes and hospitality facilities. We would like to achieve this by 2025.” Not forgetting that “the task is also to restore the banked fast track, because it is a symbolic monument. But for this we will need further support, including economic support.”

Angelo Sticchi Damiani, President of Aci

Angelo Sticchi Damiani, President of Aci

And immediately the governor of Lombardy Attilio Fontana he assures that “the region will always do its part so that Monza can play a leading role in the Formula 1 of the future. The region will also support a Formula One contract extension beyond 2025. And I’m sure the government and the municipality will do the same.”

Attilio Fontana, President of the Region of Lombardy

Attilio Fontana, President of the Region of Lombardy

The Grand Prix will also be Apple film set dedicated to the world of Formula 1. After the shooting at Silverstone Brad Pitt is waiting at the circuit in Monza record several scenes of the director’s ambitious new film Joseph Kosinski, former director of Top Gun: Maverick and Oblivion.

Cooperation with continues ATS Brianza, who will collect uneaten meals over the weekend and will give them to those most in need. And thanks to the Awabot project, in collaboration with the Irccs San Gerardo Foundation, 24 young patients of pediatric oncohematology and pediatric neuropsychiatry will be able to practically experience unforgettable experiences on the track, meeting remotely, thanks to special robots that will “walk” along the paddock, pilots. And from Friday to Sunday he will be present in the paddock Food in the PizzAut truck: Four autistic boys will bake at least 200 pizzas a day for riders and teams.

Ferrari Trento, official Formula 1 toast until 2025, he created the Ferrari F1 Edition collection.bottle dedicated to Monza. Last year, to commemorate the centennial history of the Italian Grand Prix, Trentino dedicated a special Jeroboam format Ferrari Trentodoc bottle, which was auctioned off by F1 Authentics after being signed by the winning drivers.

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