‘More like Tom Holland’: DC fans react to ‘cursed’ Supergirl figure that doesn’t look like Sasha Calle

The Hot Toys Supergirl figure from Sideshow Collectibles is prompting fans to draw comparisons between The Flash’s Sasha Calle and MCU Spider-Man actor Tom Holland. Hot Toys Phase VI figures from Sideshow Collectibles are a staple of the collectibles scene due to their extremely realistic and accurate designs. From Batman’s portrayal in the DCEU to more obscure characters like Stan Lee’s appearance in Thor: Ragnarok, new arrivals are expected every time a superhero movie or show is released.

However, some Hot Toys figures prove to be more accurate than others. Fans on Twitter are claiming that Hot Toys’ Supergirl head figure resembles not Supergirl actress Sasha Calle, but Spider-Man actor Tom Holland and even House of the Dragon and Doctor Who actor Matt Smith Similar , Here are the responses:

The main problem with the Hot Toys Supergirl image seems to be with the area around her eyes. The figure’s eyebrows are thinner and straighter than those of Sasha Calle, the eyes are smaller and more sunken, and the distance between the eyes and eyebrows is shorter. The figure’s nose and mouth also appear to be less defined than those of the actress, and the cheeks, chin, and skin appear less plump. These differences may seem small, but precise accuracy is essential when dealing with faces, especially familiar faces.

Supergirl’s misrepresentation of Sasha Cale in Hot Toys adds to a long list of obstacles The Flash has faced since its inception. The project has gone through various writers and directors since the 1980s and has been reshuffled and delayed even after the inception of the DCEU. When production finally began, allegations and controversies involving Ezra Miller overshadowed the film, and the COVID-19 pandemic and Warner Bros.’ struggles with the DCEU pushed the project in different directions. Ultimately, The Flash had limited box office success and was criticized for its poor special effects. With bad rumors running rampant and the growing expectation of a reboot of the entire franchise, the last thing The Flash needs is an off-base collectible figure.

It’s also unfortunate that The Flash’s latest mistake involves a visual aspect of the film. In addition to the controversial special effects, The Flash’s superhero costumes have been criticized for looking unrealistic. While the Flash, Batman, and Supergirl all had highly detailed costumes, the film’s heavy reliance on visual effects resulted in the characters’ costumes blending into the scene. Sadly, the slightly misaligned Supergirl collectible only supports the notion that The Flash didn’t quite get the look right, even if there’s no major problem with Supergirl’s design.

However, Hot Toys’ Supergirl collectible figures are not figures in their own right. The suit is faithful to The Flash’s Supergirl’s original design, the wired cape offers multiple posing possibilities, and the hair strikes the perfect balance between realism and practicality, something difficult to achieve with sixth scale figures. It’s just that, with Sideshow collectibles’ long series of impressive likenesses, fans are used to completely identical head statues.

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