More than 100 people have consulted during Hepatitis Week

This week, various prevention and awareness campaigns about the hepatitis virus were carried out. Events culminated on Friday with the availability of vaccines and tests. All health centers continue to act for those wishing to be consulted accordingly.

This Friday ends Hepatitis Week, within the framework of intensive campaigns to prevent this disease, which can remain silent in the human body for up to 20 years without being noticed.

Within this framework, this week the Municipal Health Center and the Urquiza Hospital jointly launched an intense campaign to spread the concept of the extent of the disease, how it is contagious and how to take care of yourself. , while a precautionary test was carried out this Friday.

Gabriel Barrientos, director of primary health care, highlighted the community’s involvement, with 76 tests conducted at the mobile health center located in front of the city hall, 50 tests performed at the hospital and 32 hepatitis vaccines administered . . Likewise, everyone received an explanatory brochure about the disease and ways to prevent it, although testing is by far one of the most effective forms of prevention.

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