More than 4 million people in Mexico work in tourism

Mazatlan. – When we hear the word travel, we all immediately think of all-inclusive travel, dining and hotels. But did you know that over 4 million people rely on it? And more importantly, is it growing quarter-over-quarter?

The Federal Tourism Secretariat reported that, according to the National Occupational Survey, a total of 4,687,425 people were employed in tourism by the end of the second quarter of 2023, an increase of almost 34,763 compared to the first quarter. , At that time, the number was about 4 million 652 thousand 662 employees.

Most notably, this is a 4% increase year-on-year, but by 2023, 4,600,580 people are reported, all focused on providing travel services.

Minister Miguel Torruco Marqués reported that the tourism sector accounts for at least 8.9% of national employment and that, therefore, beach destinations have the greatest concentration of workers.

Torruco Marqués pointed out that tourism employment in the second quarter of 2023 has increased by more than 5% compared to 2020, with employment of 4 million 487,000 people, which may mean that 270 tourism-oriented places in the country will gain economic benefits.

Jobs in the tourism sector include waitresses, waiters, chefs, cooks, entertainers, tour operators, tour operators, receptionists, tour guides, event organizers; all of these jobs can be found in tourism marketing, food and beverage, hotels and hospitality, public relations, Ecotourism and other departments.

To this, it is possible to add those who decide to join the aviation and cruise sectors, who are of Mexican origin and enter the Census of Population and Occupation, although they do not have a fixed place of residence.

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