Morena: Lawmakers seek to reverse rising water rates in Guadalajara

Morena called for this price increase not to be approved because users do not need clean water in their homes and do not need discounts

Councilor Mariana Fernández Ramírez reports that the Guadalajara City Council’s Morena Construction Group has taken legal action to reverse a 5% increase in drinking water rates, a decision that has The approval was given by Councilor Movimiento Ciudadano at Thursday’s meeting.

He recalled that a very clear position was made at the plenary meeting that it was shameless for them to try to increase the cost of water services, When Guadalajara receives the mass The situation in metropolitan areas is quite dire and damaging to health, as reception is murky in some communities and no signal at all in others.

This contamination in water can cause problems for humans, such as conjunctivitis, gastrointestinal illness, and neurological damage. In light of all this, Councilor Fernandez Ramirez said that the process is already underway, The lawsuit was filed in federal court to recognize protections and a class action lawsuit, and was accompanied by receipts and more than a thousand signatures from users unhappy with the service.

“In the end in Guadalajara all the opposition parties voted against it, but the majority of the citizens’ movement supported it, and this will definitely happen in the state congress. Of course, they’ll be there to endorse it or they may not, which is what we’re asking for.“, he commented. On the other hand, he said that so far, under this government, water services in Guadalajara have increased by almost 23%. Another disturbing issue, he added, is SIAPA has taken no action to end water storage.

Finally, he called on the state Legislature not to approve this price increase because users are not asking to pay a discount for the poor quality water they receive, but to have clean water delivered to their homes. “What we’re asking for is that Congress won’t approve it, but beyond that, we’ve gone down the jurisdictional path and we want these protections and collective action to be embraced, and with these thousands of signatures, we’re showing that people are fed up Terrible service,” he stressed.


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