Mortal Kombat 1 Surprise Reveals Jean-Claude Van Damme

It was already known that Mortal Kombat 1 would come in Jean-Claude Van Damme as Skin for character Johnny Cagebut until now, the traits of the legendary actor have never been seen in a fighting game.

cruel fighting game From underworld reality coming soon (you can still order it on Amazon), and of course there will also be the latest information about the game.

Those who at least they haven’t been circulated on the internet yetbecause also Mortal Kombat 1 fell into that hellish circle of finished works that became victims of leaks.

This time the main character Johnny Cageof which we have already seen one of the awesome fatalities that will also have a prestigious skin (for a fee) that it impersonates Jean-Claude Van Damme.

He talked about it Ed Boon in a recent episode Hot, the famous YouTube interview series in which the main characters eat spicy wings while talking about themselves. You probably know her from a couple of memes with Jennifer Lawrence in which he weeps over one of the aforementioned hell wings.

During the chat, a short video was shown in which Ed Boon also shared some interesting background on business.

You can find it right below:

Creator Mortal Kombat explains what this DLC was in operation for almost 30 yearsbecause the original intention was create even “Van Damme: The Arcade Game”:

Bloodsport was a big success, as was Universal Soldier, I think. So we called his colleagues and said: “We want to make a game based on Van Damme.” (…) On the other hand, it was a couple of twentysomethings who wanted to make a video game, and I could understand how Van Damme could say, “No, we won’t do that.”

Boon goes on to say that there have been many attempts over the years to get Jean-Claude Van Damme involved in the Underworld video game, and it is With Mortal Kombat 1 the lottery was “won” Quote from the creator of the show.

The actor is in good company as it was recently revealed that he is also Megan Fox will become part of the fighting game, playing as one of the new characters.

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