Most expensive hotels in the world, when luxury clashes with the bank account

Oreste Foraggi

6 minutes ago –

23 April 2023, 12.17pm

Ready for a nice vacation? How about staying in a large luxury hotel? Here are the more expensive hotels in the world, a ranking that reveals those places of sensational luxury, but absolutely prohibitive for those who do not have a bank account with lots of zeros.

Most expensive hotels, the ranking

Spring has now begun for quite a few days, but the climate in our country is still bad. That doesn’t mean it will rain forever, as Eric Draven said in The Crow. Where to go in then in vacation? Certainly not everyone will be able to afford to stay in one of the hotels we are about to list. These are the most expensive hotels in the world, where even just staying in a room for one night could cost you a fortune. But let’s not get lost in too much talk and let’s go immediately to find out, starting from tenth to first place, the classification with relative country, most expensive room and price list for one night:

  • Nobu Hotel at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, Nobu Villa ($35,000 per night)
  • The Setai, Miami, The Penthouse ($41,309)
  • Bvulgari Resort & Residences, Dubai, Villa Dubai ( $42,000)
  • Laucala Island, Fiji, The Hilltop Estate ($42,550)
  • Faena, Miami, The Penthouse ($50,000)
  • Four Seasons Hotel, New York, The Ty Warner Penthouse ($50,000)
  • Hotel Martinez, Cannes, The Penthouse ($66,330)
  • The Mark, New York, The Penthouse ($75,000)
  • Hotel President Wilson, Geneva, The Royal Penthouse ($83,600)
  • Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, Empathy ($100,000)

A dizzying podium

What you have just read are the rooms of the most expensive hotels in the world.

What do you think? Does it seem possible to you to stay one night in these dreamy luxury alcoves? But why do they cost so much? First of all because they offer extremely exclusive services, as well as reserving their offer only to a super-selected clientele. And how do they select it? In reality, no test or curriculum to present, just having a lot of money. In short, if you can afford to stay overnight, then it means that you have all the credentials to be their guest.

Third place is reserved for The Mark from New York. The most expensive room is the penthouse with 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, custom furniture, a rooftop terrace, two bars and a bookstore. Do not miss the garden and a huge hall. Many celebrities have stayed there, from Emma Watson to Selena Gomez. In second place we havePresident Wilson Hotel of Geneva. The most expensive room is 1,680 square feet and has 12 bedrooms. Especially enjoyed the telescope for star gazing at night. Celebrities who have stayed there include Michael Douglas and Rihanna.

Finally in first place we have the Palms Casino Resort of Las Vegas, Nevada. It is 2,590 square meters large and is known for the two sharks in formaldehyde inside and for the works of art it exhibits on commission. In short, these are the most expensive hotels in the world. If, on the other hand, you settle for something more genuine and decidedly more affordable, then it would be better to check out the best cheap farmhouses in Umbria. Seeing is believing.

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