Most Popular Hairstyles Cause Health Problems: What Is Ringworm?

The most popular hairstyle among men, requiring a shave or a fade, with a creative shape, can lead to a less common health problem: a fungal infection of the scalp, which is spread from person to person through contact with contaminated objects, if not Treatment can even cause hair loss.

The Argentine Pediatric Society (SAP) reported in a recent statement that the infection has increased significantly in children and adolescents for at least two years. “This condition has also been reported in other countries and has been found to occur with higher frequency and to be associated with frequent (weekly or fortnightly) visits to the barber for shaving and haircuts among children and adolescents, similar to international athlete or singer” in detail.

SAP also reports that “symptoms of infection include erythema, desquamation, alopecia or shedding, itching, pain, and suppuration.” produced by contact between the scalp and hair follicles.”

However, clinical diagnosis is not always easy, especially when it comes to discrete ringworm or ringworm that may be confused with other skin disorders. If the child’s scalp is in poor condition, a mycological examination may be requested to confirm the fungal origin of the lesions.

Meanwhile, Maria Jimena Martinez, a pediatric dermatologist, noted that “the increase in cases can be attributed to the sharing of contaminated shaving material among hairdressers’ customers without considering proper disinfection standards after use.

Three types of dermatophytes can be distinguished according to the mode of transmission of the causative fungus: anthropophilic, which usually causes a non-inflammatory clinical form; zoophilic, which usually causes inflammation; and soiltropic, which causes moderate inflammation.

Although diagnosis is difficult, it should be noted that there are treatments available to combat this infection. In this sense, the dermatologist emphasizes: “Treatment is longer and oral antifungals must be used, that is, tablets must be taken, because the ointment does not reach the hair follicles sufficiently to fight the infection.”

In a statement to the Quilmes University News Agency (UNQUI), Martinez said that, first of all, in the event of such an infection, the hairdresser should be informed so that they can take appropriate hygiene measures instead of going to the hairdresser. Do not come back until you are cured so that the infection does not continue to spread.

“Then, in order not to get reinfected, you have to make sure that the place you go to is properly cleaning items used for hair cutting and shaving; discarding sharp items such as blades, and using disinfectant or disinfectant hair cutting machines. (DIB)

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