Movies to watch on Saturday, August 5, in prime time and late at night

What movies are on TV today? Here is our Complete TV guide with the best films airing tonight, Saturday, August 5, 2023, prime and late evening on major free-to-air TV channels with story, cast and trailers.

  • Perfect Prey (action movie, thriller) aired on Iris at age 21Scott Frank film starring Liam Neeson, Boyd Holbrook, Dan Stevens, Whitney Able, Stephanie Andujar, Marina Squerciati, Astro and Mark Consuelos.

    Plot of the film: The film is about Matt Scudder, a former NYPD officer who is addicted to alcohol. After an accident that cost him a badge, Matt now works as an unlicensed private investigator, operating outside the law.
    One day, the detective is approached by drug dealer Kenny Christo. The offender explains his position: his wife was kidnapped, but after the ransom was paid, the woman was still brutally murdered by the kidnappers. Now Kenny wants to find those responsible and take revenge, but for this he needs the help of Matt, who reluctantly takes up the case.
    In the course of his investigations, the investigator discovers that the kidnappers he is looking for are hideous serial killers, experts at identifying their victims. Thus begins the detective’s harrowing search for criminals before they can commit another crime…

  • You will meet the man of your dreams (comedy, melodrama) live on TwentySeven at 21.10Woody Allen film starring Anthony Hopkins, Josh Brolin, Naomi Watts, Antonio Banderas, Anna Friel, Freida Pinto, Ewan Bremner, Lucy Punch, Gemma Jones, Anupam Kher, Jim Piddock, Pauline Collins, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Jonathan Ryland, Eleanor Gex and Piers Quigley.

    Plot of the film: The story of two married couples – in this case one formed by Alfie and Helena, and their daughter Sally and her husband Roy – as passions, ambitions and anxieties set off a crescendo of trouble and follies. After being abandoned by Alfie in pursuit of his lost youth and a girl named Charmaine, Helena casts aside rationality and blindly relies on the strange advice of a charlatan soothsayer. For her part, Sally, trapped in an unhappy marriage, falls in love with a charming art gallery owner and her boss, Greg, while her husband Roy, a writer eagerly awaiting a response from his publishing house, is smitten with Dia. ..

  • Dead zone (drama, thriller) broadcast on Italy 2 at 21.15David Cronenberg film starring Christopher Walken, Brooke Adams, Tom Skerritt, Herbert Lom, Anthony Zerbe, Colleen Dewhurst, Martin Sheen, Sean Sullivan, Roberta Weiss, Jackley Burkhaws, Nicholas Campbell, Simon Craig and Geza Kovacs.

    Plot of the film: Castle Rock, Maine. After five years in a coma after a car accident, young teacher Johnny Smith wakes up in a hospital bed. There, to his great surprise and pain, he discovers that his fiancee Sarah has long been married to another man and even has a son.
    But Johnny makes another discouraging discovery: now, thanks to only physical contact with a person, he can see his past, present and future. Not only that: in addition to the ability to foresee, a person can also change the course of future events. Thus, he alerts the nurse that his house is on fire and his daughter is in danger, or discovers that Dr. Weizak was injured during World War II due to being separated from his mother.
    Now that his life has been completely turned upside down, Johnny is trying to put the past behind him and start over with a peaceful existence. But when he shakes hands with politician Greg Stillson and sees his future, he realizes that it is his duty to do something…

  • Alien (Fantasy, Science fiction) broadcast on Italia 1 at 21.20Steven Spielberg film with Henry Thomas, Dee Wallace-Stone, Peter Coyote, Robert McNaughton, Drew Barrymore, KC Martel, Sean Fry, C. Thomas Howell, David M. O’Dell, Richard Swingler, Frank Toth and Erika Eleniak.

    Plot of the film: The film tells about the magical adventures of a small alien who accidentally stumbles upon Earth. It all starts with the fact that one night a large spaceship arrives in the California forest, from which aliens descend, busy taking samples of plants and flowers. FBI agents notice their arrival and prepare to join them immediately. Just then, a group of aliens try to make a sudden escape, during which, however, one of them, ET, remains on earth. Fleeing from the police, the alien reaches the house where the nine-year-old boy Elliott lives. with his brother, older Michael, sister Gertie and mother Mary.
    When Elliot leaves the house for pizza for dinner, he sees something strange in the tool shed. At first she thinks it’s her dog Harvey, but then she discovers it’s an alien. Naturally, no one believes him, so he decides to hide it in his room. However, the next day, he also shows it to his brothers, who, despite being frightened at first, later become attached to the new guest. A deep friendship develops between the two, threatened by government forces intent on obtaining the alien…

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