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“Moving forward is difficult, but…”

The world of gossip sure. Khloe Kardashian It is again single. The clues social left byinfluencers and stars of American reality shows seem to leave no doubts. The sister of Kim Kardashian after 7 years of relationship made up of back and forth and moments of deep sadness with Tristan Thompson – from which little True was also born – for weeks now she has been appearing alone on the social networks and his posts are increasingly melancholy.

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While the famous sister found again theLoveKhloé shared more clues about Instagram that permanently distance her from her historical boyfriend. In recent days, the 38-year-old US social media star has published seven self-motivational stories that are inspiring her in this difficult moment. And gossip fans have no more doubts.

“Moving forward is difficult”

The Good American co-founder posted Drake’s quote on Instagram: “Moving forward is hard. I’m tired of people telling me “get over it”. I’m tired of people telling me “it will take time”. A clear phrase that leaves little room for interpretation and that is unleashing gossip experts from all over the world, but that doesn’t stop there.

“It’s difficult”

Khloé Kardashian, in fact, continued in hers outburst with i followers: «I know it takes time. I just want someone who understands how hard this is. Someone who has been there. Who knows what to say really. Even if they have no words to express what I feel». But the influencer is still not satisfied and she continues to publish sentences that suggest the end of hers love story: «Kindness is still poison for a toxic person. Never go overboard in spaces where people engage in misunderstanding your intentions.” But then comes the reaction, a stroke of pride that makes us think about his progressive return to normality.

The reaction

After so many stories filled with sadness, here comes the story that shows the influencer grappling with the gym with sculpted abs while wearing a white sports bra and leggings. Khloé may finally be free from the “claws” of the basketball player gods Los Angeles Lakers, Tristan Thompson, renowned for being a womanizer. Despite their separation, which took place in December 2021, there have been numerous flashbacks between the two. But now Khloé seems to have written the final word forever.

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