Murcia Halloween costumes released, all Spain gathers in Murcia to celebrate October 31st

October has just begun, and with it comes preparation for one of the most interesting and anticipated holidays: “Halloween” parties.Although still There are three weeks until October 31stthe store is ready for saler terrible costumesdecorations with blood and cobwebs, spooky cosmetics and a variety of jelly beans, for those who stay true to the tradition of trick-or-treating.

inside Social network, he feed It’s increasingly filled with Halloween cooking tips: recipes to liven up any party with stuffed peppers with disturbing pumpkin eyes and mouths; spooky garlands made from aluminum balls and toilet paper; or something to do with makeup characteristics of death.

Murcian Halloween costumes going viral depending on your city

One of the most viewed content The proposals that have been harvested in the past few hours are Victor Lopez: A young man from Murcia, who studied advertising and public relations at the University of Murcia, entertains himself by creating viral content for TikTok.

In his latest series “According to the regulations of the Municipality of Murcia, your Halloween costume” The student has received over 400,000 views and hundreds of interactions, and people from across the region are looking for him to make recommendations for their towns or cities.

Comments in the publication are full of responses from different people calling for Murcian entry Dress code for your city. He’s received so many requests that Victor, not content with just three parts, has promised to release a fourth part on Monday, October 9th.

in these municipalities still to be allocated In this interesting game there are Las Torres de Cotillas, Yecla, Abarán, Ulea, Cehegín and some areas such as Churra or El Palmar.

According to Victor, all residents of San Javier should dress up as “radioactive fish with algae” on October 31st, Santomera “will come out of Doraemon”because I said so”; in Archena “everyone dresses up like a spa”; “In Alcantarilla it’s like a rat that just came out of the sewer”; “In Chesa it’s probably a long A rotten peach full of worms”; “In Jumila there will be another man who is a bottle of wine and a corkscrew”; “In Aledo his costume will be Mutant Ant“; “Apparently, in the guise of Alhama in Murcia, he is a thief”; in Ciutti they would disguise themselves as “Michelin, the ugliest roundabout in Murcia”; in Lore Card,” radioactive nazareth They give the children poisonous sweets” and the residents of the Murcia capital will not go any further No less than lemon.

After this wonderful event, it remains to be seen whetherand trendsetters The following Night of All Souls we found in Mazarron all the inhabitants of Fuente Aljamo dressed as fountains or mermaids; if this Trying to become a tourist attraction This is an invitation to all Spaniards to come to the Murcia region and enjoy this singular experience.

“Your Halloween costume according to the regulations of the Municipality of Murcia”

  • Caravaca: A cow.

  • Blanca: “Don’t call me brother-in-law, but people in white don’t wear black.”

  • Capital of Murcia: Lemon. “I don’t know why you don’t send this to your friends to buy lemons.”

  • Santomera: “In Santomera, they will choose Doraemon, because I say so.”

  • Archena: “In Archena, everyone dresses up for the spa.”

  • Apparently, in Cartagena they would be Roman murderers.

  • In Alcantarilla, a rat emerges from the sewer.

  • Ojos: One eye.

  • Eagle: “It’s terrible.”

  • Mazarrón: “Obviously she’s going to be a mermaid.”

  • Cieza: “In Cieza, it’s probably a rotten peach with worms in it.”

  • Wealth: Two outfits made from U.S. dollars.

  • St. Peter: “They will disguise themselves as Satanists.”

  • Jumila: “In Jumila it would be a bottle of wine and a corkscrew.”

  • Aledo: “In Aledo, his costume will be a mutant ant.”

  • Ricote: “The cruel old woman.”

  • Bullas: “Giant cafeteria.”

  • Moratala: “Hunter Killer.”

  • Safety Molina: “Atrocious police. So, is it safe or not?”

  • Alhama de Murcia: “Apparently he was a sausage thief under the guise of Alhama de Murcia.”

  • Alcázares: “It can’t be an omelette, but it’s one of those jellyfish that stings.”

  • Alamo Fountain: Fountain.

  • Seuti: “Michelino, this is the ugliest roundabout in Murcia.”

  • Alguazas: “With a knife.”

  • Mulla: From Mulla. “I guess that’s understandable.”

  • Puerto Lumbreras: “A crazy pirate.”

  • Calasparra: Lemon Rice Vampire.

  • Totana: Ceramic pot.

  • Lorca: “Radioactive Nazarene gave children poisoned candy.”

@victorlopezlc Save your idea 😂 and send it to anyone who needs a costume hahaha (if you want more parts, activate the bell and follow me!!) #tiktokmurcia ♬ Halloween · Cute Horror Songs – PeriTune

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