Murcia to vaccinate smokers against flu this year

this Ministry of Health of Murcia included for the first time Flu vaccination campaign for smokers, Considered a population risk group. This was announced by the Minister of Health at a press conference on Friday, Juan Jose Pedreñowhich provides details on the immunization schedule.

Pedreño explained that the first people to receive seasonal doses of vaccines against Covid-19 and influenza will be Users of residential buildings for the elderly and disabled, and social health workers at the centre.Administration will begin This Monday, In the meantime, we will continue Flu vaccination for children aged 6 to 59 months Age at which vaccines are not administered in a school setting.

Starting from October 16, people over the age of 80 will begin to receive influenza vaccines

After the residency is over, Starting October 16th Flu vaccinations will begin alongside seasonal vaccines against Covid-19 for people aged 80 or older, as well as health care and essential workers. Starting from October 30, influenza vaccination will be open to people aged 60 years or above and other high-risk and priority groups such as pregnant women at health centers and routine vaccination sites.

people Non-priority groups for influenza vaccination They will be able to get vaccinated at the end of the event. In addition, the Murcia region this year began vaccinating children born in 2019 and 2020 in the first and second grades of early childhood education with influenza vaccines in schools. The intranasal vaccine is used to facilitate family vaccination, which has been well received by some people. Those involved.

During this season, the Ministry of Health has obtained 391,000 doses of flu vaccine, Ten thousand more than last time. The advisor stressed that “influenza vaccination and seasonal doses of vaccination against Covid-19 are the most effective preventive measures against these infections and their complications.”

Healthy people between the ages of 65 and 80, as well as people with risk conditions, should take this opportunity to check their pneumococcal vaccination status.

He also emphasized that “you must be vaccinated every year, because the composition of the vaccine adapts to the antigenic changes of the viruses expected to circulate during the season, as well as the significant decrease in antibody titers in the months after vaccination.”

In addition, healthy people between the ages of 65 and 80 should take this opportunity to review their health. Pneumococcal vaccinationand people with risk conditions, while those born in 1958 should take the opportunity to check their shingles vaccination status. The total cost of the influenza and pneumococcal vaccination campaign amounted to €2,385,000.

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