Music enters San Vittore with the sonorization of the spaces

A unique initiative at European level was inaugurated yesterday in the San Vittore prison: the sound system for prison spaces. Thanks to a sound system positioned in strategic points of the penitentiary institute, various playlists of ethnic instrumental music will be broadcast. The inmates who took part in the workshops selected the songs Mindful Emotional Listening promoted by Franco Mussida.

The idea was born and realized thanks to the work of Mussida himself, director of the research and support area for musical and educational activities in support of the person of the CPM Music Institute. Its objective is to improve prison living conditions.

«The initiative to create sound in the spaces of the San Vittore prison represents a tangible example of how culture can be an engine of social change», declared the Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Milan, Thomas Sacchi. «This project, which goes far beyond the boundaries of the city of Milan, not only promotes cultural activities inside the prison. But it also favors moments of reflection and entertainment, helping to create a different, more human and livable atmosphere within detention institutions”.

The soundproofing of the spaces of San Vittore is the natural evolution of CO2. A project of the CPM Music Institute which since its inception has set itself the goal of bringing music to detention institutions. From 2013 to today, CO2 has managed to involve thousands of prisoners, leading them to have a more conscious approach to listening to instrumental music.

Mussida said he was happy to have completed what he defines as a dream cultivated for 35 years «It is truly a joy to be able to see how the feeling of prisoners, who find in music the possibility of experiencing the most beautiful and noble parts of their dimension emotional, can be returned to those who walk through those spaces, noting a sense of human unity that unites, through a serene and comforting atmosphere, visitors, operators and agents of the Penitentiary Police».

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