“My Concert Is A Safe Place For You”

Taylor Swift continues touring as she opens her Chicago show with a thought for her LGBTQ fans on the occasion of Pride Month

Huge Gillette Stadium Of chicago One of the largest and most important sectors inera travel Of Taylor Swift, The American singer-songwriter had three concerts scheduled here, focused on the weekend as usual from Friday through this evening. Not getting a single ticket since months. Entries between secondary ticketing and online brokers are worth a weight of gold.

Taylor Swift in Chicago

The US leg of the tour is coming to an end. There are still nine cities to be guaranteed before the finale of five evenings in Los Angeles – only they – almost half a million viewers Payment.

in Chicago Tailor did not forget to inaugurate pride month and dedicated a thought to all my fans who are a part of LGBTQ community With a much appreciated thought from the audience: “Tonight we’re here to celebrate all the people who are living their lives authentically, loving who they want to love, not hiding how they identify, and being friends with those who who can support them on their journey. This music festival is a safe place for you, it’s a place that celebrates you and the one thing that makes me so proud is just to be with you and give you a Seeing each other interacting and loving and caring so much.

Interventions for the LGBTQ Community

is that chicago It was one of those moments’talk to you Over the entire tour, over three hours and no less than forty-five songs each night, without cutting the lineup despite extremely violent storms. Taylor Swift He continued his speech by criticizing American institutions in a very direct way: “There are too many harmful pieces of legislation that put people in the LGBTQ and queer community at risk. It’s painful for everybody, for every supporter, for every loved one, for everybody in these communities. And that’s why I stress this, we shouldn’t be afraid of midterms, because they are now part of our culture and our lives.”

Great anticipation for Taylor Swift’s possible arrival in Europe – credit ANSA (Velvetmusic)

Politicians call

Then Tailor conclusion: “We may support the cause during Pride Month, but we look down on these elected officials. Are they honest when they talk about it? Do they really have the public good in mind? Are they defenders of equality? Or are they just getting free publicity for their cause…?”

roar of audience Gillette Stadium and which appears to be aimed at some of the candidates coming up for election white House who have always expressed themselves in restrictive terms LGBTQ community American. open salvo again ‘Normalization and Correction’ at the beginning of his election campaign. Also taking into account the fact that this community transfers more than 8% of the votes in the country.

travel extended

Meanwhile the tour continues with unconfirmed rumors of possible arrivals in Europe and even Italy. From chicago huge caravan ofjourney through the ages will lead to Detroit for two concerts ford field, Tomorrow there are three dates in Mexico City that have already sold out practically immediately after the announcement and six concerts in Argentina and Brazil.

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