‘My grandma would tickle…’: Millie Bobby Brown thanks her grandma for helping her get through the nights when she was little

Millie Bobby Brown, the actress we all know from her role in Stranger Things and who is well known for her close relationship with her grandmother, recently shared touching childhood memories in a YouTube video she made with the help of Recess Therapy. In the video, Millie talked about how her grandmother Ruth was a huge help to her on those nights when she couldn’t sleep when she was little.

Millie Bobby Brown is sharing one of her most cherished memories from when she was a little munchkin!

During a YouTube video she made with Recess Therapy: Millie Bobby Brown shared a pleasant childhood memory. When Millie was a little girl, she sometimes had trouble falling asleep at night. Luckily, her grandmother Ruth was there to comfort her during these troubling moments. Millie fondly recalled her grandmother sitting next to her in bed and lovingly tickling her, saying: “I couldn’t sleep when I was little. So I lay in bed and my nanny tickled my M and told me stories about her childhood.” “

It is reported that the connection between Millie and her grandmother Ruth, goes far beyond these bedtime jokes. Ruth’s passing in November 2020 due to Alzheimer’s disease was a deeply emotional and difficult experience for Millie, multiple sources said. This loss had a profound impact on her life because of the special bond they shared.

When it comes to relationships, what makes these relationships different is Milli decided to spend a significant part of her childhood with her grandmother. In an interview with Republic World, she once mentioned that while she loved her parents, her grandmother was “more interesting” to her, saying, “I love my parents, but they’re not as interesting as she is.”

The story of Millie Bobby Brown’s debut novel

Brown debut novel, Nineteen steps draws inspiration from her grandmother’s experiences during World War II. Her grandmother shared stories of hiding from bombs at Bethnal Green tube station, which inspired the book’s title.

Brown’s novel is a historical fiction novel and is loosely based on true events, particularly her grandmother Ruth’s survival of the Bethnal Green Pipe disaster in 1943.

What’s even more exciting is that the book has been called a “mesmerizing page-turner” and “an epic tale of longing, loss and mystery,” Teen Vogue reports.

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