“My jaw can’t take it anymore”

Nothing is set in stone, some men shave regularly while others choose to grow a beard, whether for comfort or style.

Problems arise when this preference causes some inconvenience to partners, especially those with sensitive skin.

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“Abolition of beards”

Through TikTok, a 22-year-old young woman was identified as Maliburecounted her personal experience after kissing a man with facial hair, revealing the ill effects on her face.

“There are consequences for kissing a man who doesn’t shave”He wrote in the description of the video, which has accumulated nearly 2 million views on the popular video platform.

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In the recording, she appears to be looking into the camera. Everything looked normal until he exposed his chin. It turned out that his chin was completely red and covered in sores, like he was having a severe allergic reaction.

This situation is called “beard burn” Or beard burn, a type of contact dermatitis that occurs when hair rubs against skin. As a result, the area becomes inflamed, dry, and begins to itch.

According to Medical News Today, “If severe, beard burns can cause a rash that may be swollen and painful.”

“Shave my beard, my jaw can’t bear it anymore”, The young woman lamented in the captions of the video, which included several messages from women who identify with the situation.

“I have impetigo cream on hand because how many times has this happened to me”, “How did my beard burn my nose?”, “Not only is it a bad kiss, but now I have a rash?”, are some Reaction.

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