Nancy Meyers returns to Rom-Com, a 130 million cast from Netflix

Paris Paramount Nancy Meyers cast

The deal dates back to last April, when Netflix secured the signing of Nancy Meyers on a Rom-Com to come, on which the streaming platform confirms today that it wants to invest heavily. The demonstration in the names announced for the cast, which have already increased the budget of the film – currently indicated with the provisional title of Paris Paramount – up to 130 million dollars and which starting in May they will see Scarlett Johansson and Penélope Cruz star with Owen Wilson and Michael Fassbender.

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Among the undisputed Masters of the genre, the director of What Women Want, Anything could happen, It’s complicated And Love doesn’t go on vacation it seems that the filmmaker originally even asked 150 million to interrupt its golden retreat, which has lasted since 2015, the year of Unexpected intern with Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway.

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Waiting to find out what the roles of the four actors will be in the near future Paris Paramountit seems that at the center of the story we will see a talented young writer-director who falls in love with the producer to form a couple even in the tried after having shot several successful films together. A story that, however, after ending, could revive when the two are forced to get back together for a big new project and to keep the bizarre stars involved at bay.

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