Naples, in Piazza Municipio, the body of a young musician of the Young Orchestra of the Scarlatti Chamber is found: a suspect in the police station

He was 24 A young man was killed at night in Naples, in the center of the city, in Piazza Municipio. The victim’s name is Giovan Battista Cutolo, he’s furious, ed. He was a member of the Scarlatti Young Chamber Orchestra.. The suspect, identified by agents, was taken to the police station.

Flying Squad agents led by Alfredo Fabbrochini intervened after reporting a man lying in Piazza Municipio, near the police headquarters in Via Medina. When they arrived, the 24-year-old was already dead. Law enforcement officers received images from surveillance cameras throughout the territory.

New Scarlatti Orchestra in Naples, founded in 1993 by maestro Gaetano Russo, over its long history has always perceived great music as a common good that can be shared with as many people as possible, with the most diverse social realities. Thus, for the first quarter of a century of its life, it played music not only in auditoriums and theaters, but also in squares, museums, schools, where it was possible, attracting thousands of the smallest, teenagers and the elderly.

In 2014, Nuova Orchestra Scarlatti made three other orchestras bloom with it.: Scarlatti Junior, open to girls and boys aged 11 to 18, Scarlatti Young to young instrumentalists aged 18 to 28 who will perform at the Mortella, and Scarlatti per Tutti, amateur orchestra: A music community open on 360 degrees, an experience still unique in Italy and beyond. From the very beginning, new realities were formulated as laboratories, alternating cycles of orchestral training with real concert activity. The concert that Scarlatti Young is offering in Ischia is called “A Brief Musical Journey Around the World” and stretches from the East to South America via London, New York, Vienna and Naples.

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