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Did you know that Natalie Portman will not be able to play the role of Leonardo DiCaprio in the cult film Romeo + Juliet? The actress was finally considered too young.

The most modern transposition of William Shakespeare’s classic, Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, set in the heart of Los Angeles, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes on stage. Did you know that Natalie Portman is ready to join the female lead?

Many young Hollywood actresses are ready to play the role of Juliet, including Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Aaliyah, Kate Winslet or even Christina Ricci. But this is where Natalie Portman made her strongest impression. At 13, she was exposed to the public through the film Leon, whose title refers to the “complicated” relationship she returned to Sydney to pursue with DiCaprio.

More recently, Natalie Portman’s age has become an issue. “At that time, a difficult situation arose: I was 13 years old, and Leonardo was 21 years old, which did not suit either the studio or the eyes of Baz Luhrmann. We would like you to come to a general agreement that I will not act in the film. (. ..) Wrong time”, announce a comedy in a BuzzFeed post rebroadcast. And Portman de Pauleter on the New York Times micro-channel : “Fox Studios left the impression that Leonardo DiCaprio brought me into his arms.”

Finally, there’s Claire Danes, who has been called Baz Luhrmann’s soufflé for Jane Campion, who will be cast as Juliet. The young comedienne, fresh from starring in Angela, is 15 and 17 years old and is about to meet at the premiere of Australia’s biggest movie.

The female gaze: the “reductive gaze” by Natalie Portman. Here, women like the female gaze in cinema.

Romeo + Juliet, born in dark rooms in 1997, has generated over $147 million in recipes worldwide. In France, Baz Luhrmann’s feature film attracted more than 1.2 million viewers.

Natalie Portman will be seen on May 24, December, styled by Todd Haynes. In this film, she embodies a famous actress here to prepare for her new role, you will meet the cells that she is going to embody in the picture, a woman (jouee par Julianne Moore) who has no sentimental life, who inflames the press with scandal and passion, you get paid 20+ years.

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