Natalie Portman: “One success not only of the actor, but also of the product.” The new movie could be a hit!

Natalie Portman in the remaining position in the new business. We deal with Sophie Mas, who deals with MountainA products, and one of the first successes. After watching the Cannes Film Festival, Netflix will watch the latest film – “May December”. Platform worth up to $11 million.

The actress has no subtext.

“To niesamowite, to bylo bardzo zaskakujące. Kiedy kręcisz Film, stawiasz na scriptusz i czuliśmy, że jest dobry. Jednak w Cannes mieliśmy pokaz późno w nocy, po premierze “Czasu krwawego księżyca”, ale czuliśmy, że wid zowie zareagowali doskonale, swietnie If you have my money’s worth, this movie is not streaming. Wiedzieliśmy, że na rynku, zwłaszcza po strayku, będzie ciasno – a self-financed film, ala sprzedaż Netflixa wydawała się świadectwem naszej pracy.” – mówiła w rozmowie z “The Hollywood Reporter”.

Promotion of the film “May December” Todd Haynes I played two years ago and the public opinion was that of a young man and his older brother Gracie. Teraz Joe (as Charles Melton) and Gracie (Julianne Moore) is the smallest and most double day that ends in high school. For the first time, the film does not feature a performance that tells the story of the novel created in the film.

To avoid being able to enjoy yourself, you can also watch Elizabeth Berry – read, watch this movie and post Gracie. Obetsnost Berry (eng.Natalie Portman) sprawi, że czlonkowie Rodziny ujawniają od Dawna Skrywane uczucia. Joe, a dark story is not a novel about many, but the problem is that now the situation is right, so it is the story of a story. Notice that Gracie turns a blind eye to being her post actor. Now let’s see what happens, now what is right is good.

Traffic movie on Netflix this year.


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